New Apple Music App revealed in iOS 13 Apple CarPlay – Featuring album art

One of the biggest bugbears with music apps on Apple CarPlay is the lack of album art on the Apple CarPlay now playing screen. During Apple’s WWDC keynote they revealed a peek of their Apple Music app inside Apple CarPlay on iOS 13.

This sneak peek image from Apple doesn’t necessarily address the lack of album art on the Now Playing screen, but it does hint at a total reworking of the UI inside apps for Apple CarPlay that many other developers will have to adopt in their own apps for CarPlay.

This means we could see a whole new Now Playing UI, featuring album art. Apple acknowledges this by saying on their iOS 13 feature page:

Apple Music App
Music now showcases album art so it’s easier to find the perfect soundtrack for your road trip.

So this leaves hope that Apple has done something with the Now Playing screen. Only time will tell until people download the iOS 13 beta and take a look. Our fingers are crossed.

iOS 13 releases to the general public this fall on all iPhones from iPhone 6s and newer, or an iPod Touch 7th Generation. The public beta will launch in July and developers will have access from today.

I hope we can get hands-on with the new Apple CarPlay in iOS 13 real soon. So stay tuned.

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