How to Fix Cup Holder Slider Cover in Volkswagen Golf Mk7 2013+

In this video, I share how to fix a faulty cup holder slider in a Volkswagen Golf Mk7 car interior. This might also work for other VAG vehicles with a similar centre console to the one in the Golf.

Gorilla Contact Adhesive Used in this video: (UK) (USA) (DE)

In this comprehensive guide, I show you what the problem is, my thoughts on how to fix it, and then all the steps you need to remove the centre console in the VW Golf 7, followed by how to fix the sliding cover for the cup holder by glueing the pins back to the slider, and finally the steps on reassembling the centre console. I end this guide with a few tips on how to remove a few areas of the centre console that I had problems with, such as how to remove the centre console after releasing all the screws and clips that attach it. There is a hook at the back end that makes it super difficult to lift the centre console up, but I give you a tip for a much easier way to remove it.

I hope this guide has helped you recover any rings or credit cards from your centre console compartment in a Golf or similar. It’s amazing what I found in there!

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0:00 – The problem
0:40 – What you need
0:51 – Golf 7 Centre Console Removal
5:49 – How the cover slider works and what’s faulty
6:41 – How we’re going to fix it
9:18 – Gluing the pins to the slider
11:03 – But there’s an issue…
11:39 – Let’s fix that!
12:41 – Completed cover slider
13:27 – Reassembly
15:25 – Reinstall complete & tips

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