How to Fix Your Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter -CarPlay Troubleshoot Hints & Tips

In this video, I share some tips on how to fix the connection to your wireless Apple CarPlay adapter or AI Box. You can buy any of the alternative CarPlay adapters mentioned in this video here:

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1. Disconnect & Reconnect Adapter Cable

Simply remove the USB cable and reinsert it. Sometimes the adapter can throw a wobbly and choose not to connect to the adapter more than once. If your car system can’t reinstate the connection to the adapter again, it will simply stop connecting. Removing the cable and reinserting it again while your system is already up and running, should repeat the pairing process more successfully.

Tip: If you find yourself doing this often, look into the adapter’s config menu for a different connection mode, or more specifically a connection delay timer. Increase this time to allow your car system enough time to boot up before talking to the connected USB CarPlay adapter.

2. De-fluff The USB Port

Car interiors can be a dusty place, especially if you practically live in the car, with the amount of hours you drive in it. So if you find your adapter isn’t powering on as it did before, or isn’t connecting correctly, try removing the cable at both ends (the adapter and CarPlay port) and blow (or use compressed air if you have some available) into the USB port to remove any dust or fluff that might have been caught inside each USB port.

3. Try A Different Connecting Cable

The cables that come shipped with the adapter sometimes aren’t too great. In rare cases, some cables might not work out of the box, and some are so cheap that they might gradually fail over time. Even if your adapter shows that it’s powered, the data connection in the cable might become damaged or be less efficient.

So swap out this cable for a better 3.1 USB cable that does both power and data, and you bring new life to the adapter and make the CarPlay adapter connect again with your car stereo.

4. Force Reboot The Car System

Sometimes the wireless CarPlay adapter will not sync with the car system if it isn’t ready to connect to it, and after that time has passed, the car system can stop connecting to the adapter altogether. Usually, a restart of the car is needed here, but if you’re on the road and can’t pull over and stop the car, you can simply reboot the car stereo. 

Most stereos have a way to reboot them, so consult your stereo system manual on how to do this. On my VW MIB2.5 system specifically, this just involves holding down the stereo’s side power button for 5-8 seconds, and then the system will restart. After restarting, the adapter can repeat the pairing process and reconnect to the system.

5. No Home Screen, No Problem…

Some adapters like the CarlinKit 5.0 does not land on a home or launch screen once connected and powered to your CarPlay port. So it is very easy to think that the adapter may be broken or faulty. On some adapters, this may not be the case.

Just by looking at the adapter, you may see that it is still powered up, and if you pick up your iPhone and go into its Bluetooth settings screen, you should see the adapter’s Bluetooth ID waiting to be connected.

Simply tap to connect to this Bluetooth ID and you should then be asked to connect to Apple CarPlay. After confirming, you’ll then see CarPlay display wirelessly on your car’s display.

6. Connect to the Adapter’s Wi-Fi Network

With Wireless Apple CarPlay, always make sure both your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi switches are set to enabled in your iPhone settings. If your wireless CarPlay adapter doesn’t show up on your car system, try connecting to the adapter’s Bluetooth ID first, and if that is connected and nothing still doesn’t show or you’re not automatically connecting to the adapter’s Wi-Fi network, go into your Wi-Fi settings and look for the Wi-Fi name from the adapter.

Select this Wi-Fi network to connect to it, and if asked for a password try 12345678 or 8888888 (you can also check the adapter’s manual for this password). Once connected to the Wi-Fi successfully you should be asked to connect to CarPlay, tap to confirm and it will then display CarPlay wirelessly.

Tip: If this connection to Wi-Fi doesn’t work, go into your Wi-Fi settings again, select the Wi-Fi network of the adapter and toggle Auto Connect off and back on again. Give it a few seconds and you should get the CarPlay prompt. Failure to get this prompt might mean you have to forget both the adapter’s Bluetooth ID and its Wi-Fi network, reboot the adapter and stereo and repeat the whole connection process.

7. System Compatibility

If none of these tips works for you, and the adapter has never worked since you plugged it in, it might be that your wireless CarPlay adapter isn’t compatible with your car’s CarPlay system.

Tip: At this point, you can check for a firmware update for the adapter (you can check this by connecting to the adapter’s Wi-Fi network whilst it is plugged into a powered USB wall socket/adapter). Alternatively, you should send it back if you are able to, and look at buying an alternative wireless adapter using the tip below: 

Tip: If you bought an AutoKit adapter like a CarlinKit, try buying an alternative adapter from Ottocast or similar, and if you aren’t using an AutoKit adapter (like a Carlinkit 3.0/4.0/5.0), try a CarlinKit adapter instead. Both adapter brands run different system codes, with different fixes and compatibility updates on them, so it’s possible the alternative adapter might work out better, whereas buying an adapter with the same system code will just give you the same results.

8. Rollback firmware & Ask Support

If your adapter did work before and has stopped now. It may be faulty or broken. You can attempt to use my guide on rolling back its firmware or reach out to the maker’s support team for help recovering your wireless CarPlay adapter.

I hope this guide has helped you. Please do share and link the video above. Comments are always welcome on my channel, so please do share your own tips on getting your wireless CarPlay adapter to work. Thanks for watching.

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