My Setup

I have listed all the products that I use on a regular basis to capture my videos and also I list all the products that you can see in my videos, around and behind me. You can help support this website and channel by using my affiliated product links below – Last Updated August 2021


Sony ZV-1 Camera

Sony ZV-1 Vlog Camera

Having started my channel with my iPhone, I soon upgraded to an iPad Pro then after my first 1000 subscribers I decided to upgrade to a dedicated camera for filming my videos. The Sony ZV1 is a dream camera for YouTube. Its product focus speed is fantastic for the type of videos I do.

iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 12 Pro

My iPhone 12 Pro is not only my main phone but I also use it for secondary camera shots, as well as it being featured in the videos also. During filming I use my iPhone as a teleprompter, using the Teleprompter iOS App.

Key Light

SMALLRIG Camera RGB Video Light Panel

I recently upgraded my previous key light with this one from Smallrig. It features great features, effects and settings, it keeps its settings when off, it has a 1350LUX @ 0.5m, and a 3800mAh internal lithium battery. Oh and all of this is in a size of an iPhone Max.

Rode VideoMicro
Main Microphone

Rode VideoMicro Microphone

I went through a few microphones in my videos, from built-in iPhone and iPad, to a Takstar SGC-598 shotgun mic, before settling on this Rode VideoMicro. I found its size vs performance is great. It doesn't overwhelm the camera rig and its much more portable. It performs just as well as the Takstar does but all in a much smaller package. Get it up close out of frame and it's brilliant!

Rode Wireless Go

Rode Wireless GO

I use the Rode Wireless GO for my in-car microphone. The shotgun mic would also do well here, but it isn't as agile and as easily positioned as the Wireless GO. I connect the receiver to my ZV-1 and the transmitter is placed around my car interior.


Telepromter Kit

To avoid all the 'erms' in my videos I decided to shot video from a script and I use this rig on top of an old tripod I have had for a while. This kit today has changed to my version. Over the year I had 3D printed a number of accessories that allows me to mount the ZV-1 in a better way as well as attach a microphone boom to it, and a monitor cradle because the ZV-1 screen is hidden behind.

ZV1 Bracket
Sony ZV-1 Accessory

Sony ZV1 Extension Bracket

To help with ejecting the SD cards from the Sony ZV-1 whilst it is mounted, I use this extension bracket on the camera. It mounts onto the camera body and it has mounting holes on the bottom to offset the camera from the tripod, allowing my to eject the SD card without removing the camera. There is also a slower soft shoe mount to insert the Rode Wireless GO onto when in the car.

Camera Soft Mount
Sony ZV-1 Accessory

ULANZI Claw Quick Release Plate

I swap the camera from the tripod to an overhead rig for my unboxing videos a lot, so I found this quick release mount invaluable for my setup. It makes mounting the camera at different positions really easy and fast. If you plan on doing the same, save many minutes of your life with this small accessory for your camera rig.

Studio Setup

White Speakers

Steljes NS3 Loud Speakers

I spend a lot of my time at the desk, working as well as editing videos. I like my music and audio and headphones are great but I can't wear them the entire day, so I went through a few desktop speakers. I don't like loads of speakers or big sub boxes in the studio, so I chose these speakers after hearing a binaural review of them. I was sold and they sound great!

Lindy Mount
Screen Mount

LINDY Single Screen Bracket

I like a minimalist look to my setup. I chose a single column mount to mount my Samsung widescreen monitor onto. It's a simple mount. I replaced the screen bracket with one that doesn't move. This allows me to control height and tilt with the mount on the Samsung. The mount also is great for mounting my camera rig to using a few clamps and a Manfrotto rig.

Samsung Monitor
Ultra Wide Monitor

Samsung LC34J791 34” LED Monitor

This Samsung Ultra Wide LED monitor is a great monitor for a heavy workload. It also looks great with games, but being able to spread my workflow across the full 34" display is awesome! It's best suited for on-screen work than for print. It powers over USB-C so I can keep my MacBook Pro charged and sending its display feed at the same time. It's great!

MacBook Pro 13
Laptop Computer

2018 Apple MacBook Pro 13”

I switch to Mac from Windows in early 2000. I ran a Hackintosh first, the iMac before swapping to new iMacs and MacBook Pros. My current Mac is a 2018 MacBook Pro 13", I am dying to upgrade to an Apple Silicone Mac, I am just waiting for the right time to do that. This MacBook has the grunt for most of my work and video making.

Laptop Accessory

Satechi Laptop Stand

The key to a tidy desktop when using a laptop as your main computer is to buy a stand or dock for it. This Satechi stand was provided for review and I still use it today to prop my MacBook Pro up behind my monitor. It maximises desktop space, keeping everything clean and minimal.

Desktop Keyboard

Logitech MX Keys Keyboard

I switch between my Mac and also gaming PCVR rig and I don't like using multiple keyboards and mice. I chose this keyboard for its Apple aesthetic and it supports up to 3 Bluetooth devices with a simple tap of a device key on the keyboard.

Desktop Mouse

Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse

I switch between my Mac and also gaming PCVR rig and I don't like using multiple keyboards and mice. I chose this mouse for its Apple aesthetic and it supports up to 3 Bluetooth devices with a simple tap of a button that's under the mouse. I don't use many of its buttons but it's nice to use them if I need them.

Standing Desk

Flexispot Electric Standing Desk

This is one gadget in the studio that I found to be one of the best things I have purchased. I needed a new desk so I decided to keep the IKEA bamboo top and replace the cupboard legs with a standing desk frame. I chose the Flexispot due to its reviews and mainly its price. The kit is easy to install. It has up to 3 memory settings which I have for sitting. and standing heights. It's brilliant!