New Apple CarPlay split-view dashboard and updated side dock revealed in iOS 13

During Apple’s WWDC kick-off conference today, Apple unveiled a few new features coming to Apple CarPlay in its upcoming iOS 13. The first of which is a new CarPlay dashboard split-screen view.

iOS 13 Apple CarPlay with a all-new split-view dashboard

In iOS 13 the side dock remains but with a few alterations. The time and signal strength have now been positioned at the top, who have swapped with the three last used icons which are now in the middle. At the bottom, the round home button has been replaced with a group of icons symbol instead – resembling the group of icons of the home screen.

The view (shown above) also displays the all-new split-view. A series of quick access panels of various running apps and HomeKit activities. In this instance, we see Apple Maps on the left, whilst a selection of sub panels display the new CarPlay calendar app at the top, music (with album art!) back, pause and skip functions, and at the bottom, a HomeKit panel displays a garage door opener command.

Below this, it looks like there are three-page navigation dots. The first is highlighted, meaning, just like the iPhone home screen view, the first panel will be this hybrid dashboard, whilst swiping forwards will take you to the first page of icons, and so on.

I don’t really know what I was expecting from the new CarPlay visual update, but this early preview of Apple CarPlay in iOS 13 is looking pretty decent, and I can’t wait to check it out.

iOS 13 releases to the general public this fall on all iPhones from iPhone 6s and newer, or an iPod Touch 7th Generation. The public beta will launch in July and developers will have access from today.

I hope we can get hands-on with the new Apple CarPlay in iOS 13 real soon. So stay tuned.

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