Apple Calendar app gets Apple CarPlay support in iOS 13

Alongside a new dashboard UI and Music App for Apple CarPlay, Apple also revealed its Calendar app in Apple CarPlay, during their WWDC kick-off conference today alongside many other exciting iOS 13 features.

Apple Calendar app running on Apple CarPlay in iOS 13

Notice that the Calendar app is not displayed on the side dock. This is either an error on Apple’s part or the Siri suggestions on the home screen dashboard is the only way to display the various events of the day, from within your calendar.

Apple doesn’t need to display its own app as an icon on the CarPlay home screen, this also mirrors what Google does with its Android Auto home screen. It looks like events of the current day will only display in CarPlay, and it looks like Apple will not allow you to navigate other days.

If you are like me, and you find it frustrating to ask Siri to change a calendar event whilst on the road, this addition in iOS 13 comes as a very welcome change and it will save a heap of time and frustration in battling with Siri and many events that occur on the same day or time.

iOS 13 releases to the general public this fall on all iPhones from iPhone 6s and newer, or an iPod Touch 7th Generation. The public beta will launch in July and developers will have access from today.

I hope we can get hands-on with the new Apple CarPlay in iOS 13 real soon. So stay tuned.

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