Wired Android Auto AI Box – Binize LED Magic Box With Dual Platform Adapter

In this very short video, I showcase the top features of the Binize LED Magic Box for factory wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto car systems. You can buy this Android 13 AI Box for $233.99, using my coupon code ‘CARPLAYLIFE‘ at checkout for 10%-OFF your order, directly from the Binize store 👉🏻 .

The Binize LED Magic Box turns your wired factory CarPlay or Android Auto car system into the latest Android 13 OS platform. This Android platform can expand your in-car entertainment, offering the ability to download from the Google Play Store or use many of its pre-installed applications to watch video streaming apps like YouTube and Netflix, to play games on your car’s touch screen display.

You can use the optional Bluetooth remote to control and browse Android app content with ease or pass it to a fellow passenger for backseat interaction in apps and gaming. Controlling simple games either with the Bluetooth remote, or a connected Bluetooth gamepad (such as an Xbox controller) offers so much better control in games. Connect to a gaming service, such as the Xbox Cloud service, and you can have AAA titles running on your car’s display whilst you wait for the kits or your EV to charge!

As this adapter’s name suggests, the LED function allows you to control the ring of light that is found on its outer casing. Through its relatively simple main menu interface, you can choose from a few pre-set options to alter the LED’s ambient effect to set the mode or best fit your car’s interior.

There is one great feature still to cover on this AI Box though, and that is the ability for the Magic Box to work on a factory Android Auto-only car system. Most AI Boxes for CarPlay only work over the Apple CarPlay platform, with very few AI Boxes allowing the ability to work on a car system that only has Android Auto ability. Thanks to the Magic Box’s dual control, this AI Box can have a simple .ini configuration file installed from an inserted TF card, and it will turn this default CarPlay AI Box into one that supports an Android Auto car system. Having tried it out, the experience is the same, and it works so well, just like it is connected to an Apple CarPlay system.

The Magic Box enhances your car entertainment with one of the fastest (not THE fastest) QC6225 chipsets that are being commonly adopted today. There’s also 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage to help push the pixels and give a stable user experience in the pre-installed and downloaded Android apps that run on it. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support is also supported through the AutoKit App, so you can cut the cable from your wired Android Auto or CarPlay system and connect wirelessly to your phone instead.

Video apps do vary on this box. YouTube had some considerable 500-600+ latency in audio sync to video, whereas Netflix was not perfect, but passable. This mirrors the issue I faced on the MMB Max 5.0, which proves – the same hardware and software under a different case and price. Shame.

With its similar price, the Magic Box squares up right alongside the MMB Max 5.0 AI Box at slightly cheaper (if you use my coupon code). Underneath it is the same QC6225 hardware, RAM and ROM, no LED fanciness on the Max, but once it is tucked away in your central compartment, you won’t see that. The Max has a better UI, but its launcher uses the same underlying software as the Magic Box, so once you launch an app, the experience will be much the same. I am sure we will see other 6225 boxes in the coming months and when we do, they will all be the same, so it comes down to price and case design.

For $259.99, the Magic LED Box from Binize is packed full of additional entertainment for your car’s infotainment system. Buyer beware: you will need a wired CarPlay or Android Auto car system to operate this Magic Box. The Magic Box comes pre-set for a wired CarPlay platform, so if your car system runs only wired Android Auto, you will have to install and run the .ini file (supplied by Binize) and then give it a little time to auto-trigger the switch file before it converts it to accepting an Android Auto only system.

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