Motorbike / Scooter CarPlay & Android Auto Display | Carpuride W702 Wireless Motorcycle Screen

In this review, I check out the Carpuride W702 Wireless Motorcycle Stereo Display.

You can buy this CarPlay and Android Auto motorbike display for $229.99 from Carpuride directly here 👉🏻 using my coupon code carplaylife at checkout for $50-OFF!, or for $268.99 from Amazon US 👉🏻, for £179.99 from Amazon UK 👉🏻, and for €229.99 from Amazon DE 👉🏻

If you wish to connect this display to a BMW motorcycle, look for the W702B model which includes the BMW connecting mount for $279.99 directly here 👉🏻, or from Amazon UK for £219.99 👉🏻 and from Amazon DE for €239.99 👉🏻

Trip-tech 100W Battery Bank mentioned in this video –

TLDR: The Carpuride W702 motorcycle display is a 7-inch wireless CarPlay and Android Auto display with quick boot-up, high-resolution display and icons, and it has easy connectivity to mobiles and Bluetooth audio devices. It’s versatile for various vehicles, including motorcycles and e-bikes, with a straightforward installation process and options for different mounts. Despite some minor connectivity issues and limited settings, it’s a solid choice for motorcyclists looking to add a display to their ride.

Unlike car displays, there are only a handful of Motorcycle Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto displays to choose from. Many repurpose existing tech and wrap it in a different casing, or worse, a different branded box.

The last one I reviewed was the first display of its kind, yet its 5” touch screen was a little small and it lacked some decent Bluetooth functionality that left many motorcyclists scratching their heads on how to get the display to work with their Bluetooth-enabled helmets.

Carpuride are not new to the car stereo display game. Many displays of various sizes are available in cars, and I’ve already covered a few of them here. But they also dabble in the motorcycle area too with a small handful of displays from the 502, 603 and now the 702 and 702B motorcycle display.

As the naming suggests, this display is a 7-inch display, allowing a greater surface area to display and interact with. Itssize improves the experience when you have chubby glove fingers. 

Its display has a high resolution, so expect a full 10 icons in CarPlay, although its screen technology makes the experience not the sharpest of car stereo displays out there, but it is a suitable display for its price. At least they got the display ratio right on this display, with icons appearing as they should be when wired.

This is a wireless-only display, so connecting your iPhone and Android devices is as easy as connecting to its Bluetooth profile and voilà, CarPlay and Android Auto appear on the display in around 9 seconds. The display boots up pretty sharpish also, at a spritely 6 seconds. So from ignition on, you can be within CarPlay/Android Auto in under 12 seconds, which is good should you lose connection from Wireless or power to the display.

Without a motorcycle to try this display out on, I used the supplied USB cable to connect the W702 to my TRIP-TECH 100W power bank, strapped to my eBike of course. The connection was a little hit-and-miss at the start, but I soon found rotating the connection over at the display end powered everything on.

Its main menu consists of eight icons. Two are for CarPlay or Android Auto, a shortcut to view connected Bluetooth devices, turn the display on/off, call via BT, music via BT, view TF media, and finally settings. Its settings area is pretty lightweight with access to languages, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings. Oddly, there is no way to alter the time at the top of the display.

Across the top, there are quick action buttons to return home, volume, equaliser, Bluetooth connection, brightness and wallpapers. The latter option, along with help, both seem a little redundant here once you have seen or used them, whereas other options are more valuable for being so prominent on the screen. 

There is a physical button on the left side of the screen to turn the display on/off. A shorter press of the button toggles volume settings to alter music and narration volume levels. I would have preferred individual buttons for up and down volume to be located more prominently on the sides of the display. Its current location is just a little too hidden away to press while on the move, which could prove dangerous when interacting with it at speed.

On the move, I had no issues interacting with the display, both with and without touch-sensitive gloves. Its screen size helps with this experience, and its screen brightness tackles sunlight fairly well. But you can sometimes struggle when the sun shines directly onto the display from behind you. There is some level of coating to the display which adds some level of fuzz to the light, which helps a little. But in the UK, sun can be such a rare thing, and operating the display when overcast, at dusk or night is much better.

Connecting to my Apple AirPods Pro G2 was quick and easy. Audio played well from CarPlay to them and communicating with Siri was successful via the mic on the AirPods. However, without a helmet I had to slow down to around 13mph to be heard by Siri over the wind noise. Helmet coms users will not have any issues here as that’s how it is meant to be used here.

There’s a lot to like about the W702 for a motorcyclist looking for a display to attach to their bike handlebars. Installation was easy and its mount looks simple. It’s been designed in a way that makes it rather versatile to use and adapt to the limits of mounting around instruments and handlebar bits and bobs. BMW motorcyclists can choose the W702B and get a BMW mounting plate to easily attach and send power to the mount, so choose the right one for your ride.

The W702/B is one of the better CarPlay/Android Auto displays for motorbikes. Its use isn’t just limited to motorcycles either. You saw me put it on an e-bike, but you can strap this to a scooter, quad bike, motocross bike and, well, anywhere really. With its USB power cable, you can use this anywhere. But with its waterproof nature, when it comes to shaping a CarPlay screen to your handlebars, the W702 should be high up on your shortlist.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:52 – Unboxing
2:27 – Features & Design
3:47 – Power via USB
4:40 – Power On, Main Menu & Settings
6:55 – Wireless Apple CarPlay
7:51 – Audio & Microphone Bluetooth Test
9:27 – Wireless Android Auto
10:17 – TF card media playback
10:30 – Riding Test
11:34 – My Impressions
14:43 – Where to Buy & Discount Code

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