Fastest Wireless Android Auto Adapter – Cuarko AW0 AA Wireless Dongle Review

In this video, I check out the Cuarko AW0 Wireless Android Auto Adapter. You can buy this wireless dongle currently for $59.99 from Amazon US 👉🏻, and for £44.99 from Amazon UK 👉🏻

TL/DR: The Cuarko AW0 Wireless Android Auto Adapter offers a fast and smooth wireless connection for Android Auto, outperforming other brands in speed and performance. With a competitive price of $59.99, it provides great value for converting wired Android Auto systems to wireless.

Wireless CarPlay adapters are two a penny these days, Android users wishing to get connected wirelessly have to use 2-in-1 adapters that utilise the CarPlay platform to connect their Android mobile for Android Auto. 

We are quickly seeing some brands strip away the dual functionality in these CarPlay adapters, to allow a faster, native wireless connection directly with the existing wired Android Auto platform. The AW0 from Cuarko is one such adapter, which joins the very few adapters out there to work exclusively with Google’s in-car platform.

Out of the box, you would think the AW0 is the same adapter we’ve seen for wireless CarPlay, and in a way you’ll be right in thinking that. The casing is nearly identical apart from the CarPlay logo and the status light is replaced with the Cuarko logo on the AW0. The packaging, the materials used, its permanently attached cable, the included manual and the USB-A to C adapter are all identical.

Connecting the AW0 is certainly different to its CarPlay brother. There’s no launch or splash screen to land on, so the initial impression is to think the adapter doesn’t work, but heading into the nearby Android device’s Bluetooth settings screen and searching for Bluetooth profiles to pair with will show up the adapter’s BT profile. First-timers and less tech-savvy users will need to be aware of this, or simply read the manual before running to tech support.

Once connected, you’ll be into wireless Android Auto on your car’s display in around 12-16 seconds, depending on how quickly the profile shows up on your Android phone, how quickly your device is to pair, and how quickly your car responds to the Android Auto handshake before seeing the main menu. Comparing it to other brands, the AW0 has been the fastest in my tests, so speed freaks rejoice! We have a fast one here. 

Luckily the praise continues once you get the wireless adapter up and running. Android Auto runs baby smooth, thanks to its 5.8GHz Wi-Fi band speed and a higher max data rate of 360 Mbps. Its SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) was a little poor compared with others in my test, but in practice, this didn’t affect its performance. Sliding between apps, interacting with panels and navigating menus, music, and maps, all ran well, almost native-like in fact! 

Calling was almost instant in its delay and calling quality from my VW Golf microphone was great too. No issues there and a solid pass. The same can be said for its music quality, and overall, I was impressed with the AW0 and it’s a positive step forward for Android Auto fans.

Whilst we’re still glowing, there’s also GPS passthrough and an IP config menu lifted off its CarPlay brother. This has a similar layout and options as what you would find on a CarlinKit product, which can only be a massive positive over the lacking adapters that are out there. Cuarko does listen and they have delivered extremely well with the AW0 and also with Cuarko’s CarPlay adapter.

Its competitive price continues the praise, with a price tag of just $59.99 on Amazon, some $10 cheaper than the ‘big boys’, and along with its performance and features, if you can get over its unrepairable tethered USB-A cable, the AW0 is the one to beat right now for anyone seeking to convert their wired Android Auto car system into a fast wireless one.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:39 – Unboxing
1:01 – Features & Design
2:16 – Installation & Bootup
2:40 – Wireless Connection
4:12 – Call lag test
4:32 – Reconnection speed
4:50 – My Impressions

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