Fastest Wireless 2-in-1 Adapter in 2024 | Sunweyer Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto Dongle Review

In this video, I check out the Sunweyer Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto Adapter. You can buy this CarPlay/Android Auto dongle for $69.99 from Amazon US , for £45.99 from Amazon UK , and for €54.99 (with coupon) from Amazon DE 

TL/DR: The Sunweyer wireless CarPlay & Android Auto adapter is a compact and efficient device that quickly connects wirelessly to your CarPlay or Android Auto system. Despite the common delays in audio playback and navigation commands, the adapter performs well, with smooth native-like operation and helpful configuration options. Overall, it’s a reliable choice for enhancing your in-car technology experience.

The Sunweyer wireless CarPlay & Android Auto adapter is a tiny wireless adapter that allows the ability to turn a wired CarPlay system into a wireless CarPlay system, or a wired Android Auto system into a wireless Android Auto system, for connection with iPhones and Androids.

In the box, you get a small instruction manual, the pint-sized adapter itself, and a 15.5cm USB-A to USB-C extension cable for more modern CarPlay USB ports.

The casing alone measures just 25.6 × 39.8 × 11.4 mm in size. That’s the size of a small USB thumb drive, which makes it ideal for plugging into a tight centre console space. Its direct USB connection means that it won’t fly around the centre console space like many wireless adapters can do that connect via cable.

Other than some passive cooling holes to keep the chip inside cool and some embossed Sunweyer branding on the other side, there’s a simple status light on the corner that will inform you of the adapter’s power and connection status.

Connecting is as simple as inserting the adapter into a CarPlay or Android Auto USB port and waiting around 14 seconds for it to display its launch menu. You can turn this menu off if you like, and you may as well, because there’s little you can do here other than check the adapter’s firmware number and the Bluetooth ID you need to connect your phone to.

It took around 12 seconds to connect to Wireless CarPlay and the same time to connect wirelessly to Android Auto, making this 2-in-1 adapter the fastest into CarPlay or Android Auto to date. From initial power up to landing on CarPlay or Android Auto screen took around 17 seconds for both platforms. Compared to some dedicated wireless adapters, this is a fast little adapter, which is a surprise because when I checked its Wi-Fi specs, it was the worst out of all the other 2-in-1 adapters I’ve tested to date. 

Something magical is going on here, because the Sunweyer is one of the smoothest in frame rates, in addition to its fast boot up and connection speeds. It almost feels native in its function. I do not know how this is being done with these Wi-Fi specs other than maybe a fast CPU and data stream that’s likely pushing out 60fps – a feature I last saw on the CarpodGo T3 Pro Display that I reviewed recently.

Both CarPlay and Android Auto perform well in their touch input delay and calling. The calling delay for both platforms was minimal and touch input when sliding between screens was tight and, dare I say it again, native-like.

Sadly, you due to how wireless works, it still has the same 2-3 second delay in audio playback and navigation commands. It’s a little less (as always) on Android Auto, but this delay is common and can not be improved without diving into an adapter’s config menu. 

Speaking of config menus, accessing this area on your phone (using the common IP address – displayed a rather basic-looking menu with just a handful of options. Audio mode, startup delay and Wi-Fi channel can be adjusted here. These are all great options to start with and help with addressing compatibility, but I was left wanting a lot more. Thankfully, the Sunweyer tech team dropped an update and that added some additional config setting options, including: audio quality, background mode (to turn off the launch screen) and GPS passthrough support. The latter was a welcome addition. Hopefully, Sunweyer adds a lick of paint to this area along with a few other configuration settings to play with, such as media delay 🙂

After receiving update #3, I also saw that they seem to be adding all the firmwares they release. This is great for the community to share which firmware works in which car. Perhaps a way to rate the firmware alongside what car/stereo you are using it with would be a great way to crowdsource compatibility and lighten the load for their tech/support team.

So in closing, there’s a lot to like about this adapter. It’s compact, it sounds good and behaves so well. A few weeks into using it and I haven’t experienced any crashing, other than one time where CarPlay didn’t want to display and I had to reboot my car stereo. Its audio resumes after Siri/Google assistant commands or messages being narrated, the calling button works to trigger Siri/Google, and GPS passthrough seems to be ok (but I’ve still not managed to accurately test this). 

It may not have a configuration menu that matches the extent of the one in CarlinKit’s adapters and the recently reviewed Cuarko adapter, but this can be improved via updates over time. Due to its size, its speed and buttery smooth playback on my VW Golf Mk7 MIB2.5 Discover Pro system, this adapter remains in my CarPlay port, which really says it all.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:24 – Unboxing
0:43 – Features, Size & Design
2:00 – Installation & Demo
2:10 – Wireless CarPlay
4:42 – Microphone & Calling Delay Test iPhone
5:16 – Config Menu
6:03 – Wireless Android Auto
7:12 – Calling Delay Test Android
7:27 – My Impressions

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