XTU J7C Wireless Video Doorbell & Chime Review

In this video, I check out XTU J7C Wireless Video Doorbell & Chime.

You can buy this video doorbell for:
$69.99 from Amazon US → https://amzn.to/3PXzJQc
£89.99 from Amazon UK →https://amzn.to/3p25o7S
€93.99 from Amazon DE → https://amzn.to/3S4S13M

This 1080P resolution smart doorbell for your home offers wireless rechargeable battery-powered operation, local and cloud video storage, PIR motion detection, night vision and 2-way communication. 

In the box, you get a paper instruction manual, the video doorbell itself, a security screw and screwdriver, two adhesive rubber strips to attach the camera onto a flat surface, and screws and wall plugs for a more permanent install. There’s a USB-A to Micro-USB charging cable, and finally, there’s an optional wireless plug-in chime receiver.


Looking over the doorbell itself. It comes in one colour, which is mostly a medium grey colour, then the much darker grey colour in its promotional images. It measures 13.4 cm tall x 5.6 cm wide x 3.5 cm deep, and the front of the casing is glossy black in colour, with a circular camera section at the top, a small rectangular PIR sensor just below it, and a decent-sized illuminated round ring button, with a clear illustrated bell icon printed on it.

Removing the outer mount housing, you‘ll notice there is a rubber cover on the right side that protects the doorbell’s on/off button, a reset button, and there is an SD slot with support for up to 128GB SD cards for local storage of video files captured from the doorbell camera. 

Below this area, on the right side, there are some exit holes, which makes its speaker for the local chime bell and listening to its 2-way conversations much louder and clearer. And on the left side, there is another weatherproofed rubber cover that protects the micro-USB port that’s used to recharge the doorbell when its 5000mAh battery runs dry. 


You can either use the adhesive pads or permanently by screwing the doorbell housing into a wall surface. I opted for the easier adhesive option using the two adhesive tabs provided, so the installation was quick and easy and I had the doorbell up in a matter of minutes.

With the doorbell fixed to the outside wall, I then took the battery-powered chime and placed it around 18ft away from the doorbell, inside the house. The chime has three buttons on the top which allows you to alter between 3 different ring chimes and around 4-5 different audio levels. You sync the bell to the doorbell by holding down the settings button until you get a red light and then hold down the doorbell ring button until both connect to each other.

Its microSD card slot can support up to 128GB of storage. XTU also has their own Cloud service, for unlimited online storage space, which can offer an additional layer of data protection for your recordings. There is a free 7-day trial to check the service out, after which it costs up to $15.99 per month for a 30-day storage plan, or $13.33 if you pay annually for the same 30-day storage plan, which is a decent price for cloud storage. 

CloudEdge Mobile App

Once both doorbell and chime are synced and an SD card inserted. I then turned my attention to its CloudEdge mobile app, which is where most of the interactions will occur when motion has been detected, and also whenever the ring button has been pressed.

You first create an account and then browse for and connect to the device. Once added you can configure the doorbell’s many settings, from connecting the doorbell to your home Wi-Fi network, sign-up to its online Cloud Storage service, altering the sensitivity of motion detections to adjusting sound settings, and adjusting its nighttime vision mode. Its options may not be as thorough as some other doorbell apps, but the more important basics settings are there.

The doorbell camera section of the app is nicely presented with a clear indication of wifi bandwidth being used and its strength. There is easy access to taking a screenshot or recording a video of the live view, opening the intercom, toggling motion detection, tamper alarm and its siren on the doorbell.

Along the top, there are Live, History and Cloud tab options, which allow further easy access to the past recordings and alerts that are stored locally, to viewing the same content that’s stored in the cloud. And above all these options is a live view of the camera at the top of the screen.

Viewing past recordings is clear and simple to use. You can either view the still thumbnail of the captured event or tap the playback arrow on the left to view the full video clip. From here you can choose to take screenshots or videos from the event and save it to your camera roll on your phone.

My Impressions

The XTU Video Doorbell and wireless chime currently retails for $69.99 from Amazon US, £89.99 from Amazon UK, and €93.99 from Amazon DE, and you can check out my links in the description below to learn more about the XTU Video Doorbell and buy yourself one.

My time with this doorbell has been good. Its installation was quick and easy, and its app setup was easy to set up, understand and view my captured events. All video recordings were clearly presented in the app, with easy navigation and browsing of all the recorded clips. With a 32GB SD card installed, after a week I still had 29GB remaining, so an SD card of this size should be easy enough storage for over a couple of months of recordings at its 1080p resolution.

Its built-in rechargeable battery claims to last up to 1-2 months of general use. I had it running for a full week and the battery was already down to 78%. So that’s just over 3% battery drain per day, which would mean the battery would last just over a full month of general use. There is a nice electric usage stats section in the app that shows you when the battery had the most drain, along with wifi strength, wake and preview time, how many times it has detected human movement and the number of alerts that have been triggered.

I found the video camera quality to be very decent in both daytime and nighttime recordings. Its 1080p resolution helps maintain a decent level of detail whilst saving at a relatively small file size on the local SD card. I would have preferred a 30-day trial of its Cloud-based storage service, instead of 7-days. A full month should give you a better idea of whether you need it or not. Otherwise, I found its local storage with a large enough file size to be sufficient and fast enough to browse and view clips from my phone.

I did find its 166-degree viewing angle to be a little restricted when I experienced a much wider field-of-view than other doorbell cameras I have reviewed, this limited its width of coverage and its vertical capture wasn’t as good as some other doorbell cameras in this price range. At this level of degree, videos didn’t have too much added distortion, so that’s a bonus. Its PIR sensor and motion detection was triggered successfully most of the time, and with human detection on it didn’t give me many false alerts.

The connection between the chime and the doorbell was flawless, however, with just 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi, I felt the Wi-fi signal could have been better from the doorbell, with a signal strength of 68% from the doorbell being just 4 metres away from my wifi router. But the connection to it both locally and remotely was fast and I didn’t have any trouble with connections and playback at this level of signal strength.

Its price mirrors the many other well-known branded entry-level video doorbell cameras that are out there. The XTU does have in its favour the option for local storage, should you wish to avoid any further subscription costs. I found the chime to be necessary if you don’t want to be alerted through your mobile each time the doorbell is pressed. So the extra cost is recommended to get both the doorbell and chime together. So in short, I felt the XTU doorbell and chime is a good video doorbell for its low price of entry. So if you’re on a budget, then I think you won’t be disappointed if you choose to pick this video doorbell up over the more commonly known alternatives that are out there.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:21 – Unboxing
0:40 – Doorbell features
1:44 – Installation
2:07 – Wireless Chime
2:24 – Local and Cloud Storage
2:53 – CloudEdge App
4:29 – My Impressions
5:44 – Video Quality

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