XREART Apple iPhone & Game Boy Display Frame Teardown Wall Art Review


In this video, I check out two frames from XREART. You can buy these Apple iPhone series frames from £120 directly 👉🏻 https://bit.ly/xreartiphone, and the Nintendo Game Boy series from £155 directly 👉🏻 https://bit.ly/xreartgameboy. They ship worldwide, so check out their website for prices in your own currency 👉🏻 https://bit.ly/xreartframes.

Don’t forget to add my coupon code CARPLAYLIFE to get an additional 10%-off your order at checkout.

XREART simply collect used phones, handheld consoles, smart watches and media players from authorized suppliers. They disassemble, clean and sterilize them, and then carefully lay all the key parts aesthetically onto a white framed board, adding key labelled information about the technology that’s being framed. XREART Studio hopes that this will help you permanently preserve the tech products that have a special significance to you. 

Apple iPhone 3G Display Frame

XREART kindly supplied me with two of their deconstructed frames. The first is the iPhone 3G frame, which was the first iPhone I ever owned, so to me this frame holds a special significance to me and is what led me into a long professional carrier making apps and games for these smartphones.

The entire frame measures 44.4*32.6*3.2cm (17.48*12.83*1.26 inches), it is framed in black, with the deconstructed phone mounted onto a premium white card. Each electronic part that makes up the phone has been carefully taken apart and placed elegantly onto the display board, with key labels of what each part is – some labels are more generic than others. At the top, the artwork is titled with the product’s brand and logos, its release date, weight, and dimensions are also displayed.

Each component is carefully selected, so the glass front and back are in good condition. There are no obvious scratches or cracks in the casing that’s on display. At the bottom corner, there is also a quote from Steve Jobs “Stay hungry, Stag foolish.” along with his signature, which I think is a nice touch.

Overall, this display has been very well executed and it is a great way to present this historic piece of technology, save it from a box in the attic or closed draw, or worse, from entering landfill. It has mounting holes on the back to hang the frame. It comes very well packaged in a display box with clear film protecting the polycarbonate clear plastic that sits in the frame.

XREART has frames from the rare original iPhone 2G, all the up to the iPhone X or 10.  So I am sure if you’re an Apple fan and have a significant iPhone that sparks good memories, then there is a frame for you. There are other frames for Android and Nokia, but the options are rather limited for these phones.

Nintendo Game Boy Pocket Display Frame

The second deconstructed frame I have to show you is for the Nintendo Game Boy Pocket Colour. The Gameboy was also a significant piece of technology for me, however, for me, it was the original Gameboy. XREART offers a number of Game Boy generations and colour options for each, and I found this yellow Game Boy Pocket frame gives a much more fun pop of colour than the frame for the original grey Game Boy.

Like the iPhone 3G frame, the Game Boy Pocket has been carefully selected and deconstructed onto this smaller frame, which measures 33*33*3.5cm (12.99*12.99*1.38 inches). Its layout is really well executed. I preferred the extra space it also has from the original Game Boy frame, which is another reason why I went for the Pocket edition over the original Game Boy frame. It has the same carefully written labels and logos on the white premium board inside the frame, and inside the main case, they’ve added the classic Tetris monochrome screenshot underneath which adds an extra level of nostalgia to the frame.

XREART features a number of Game Boy frames, along with other gaming handhelds including the Sony PSP, but there are no older handhelds like the Sega Game Gear, Game & Watch, Atari Lynx, or even later generation consoles like the Sony Vita or the Nintendo DS.

If you’re an avid older gamer that wants a bit of nostalgia hanging on your wall, these Nintendo Game Boy frames are a great way to present this key piece of gaming history on your wall.

If you have your own piece of technology that you’d like to frame yourself, Xreart also sells the frame with just its labelled boards and all the tools you need to deconstruct your own smartphone or handheld console and display it within the supplied frame.

My Impressions

The XREART iPhone 3G frame is currently on sale for £146.82 or the equivalent in your own currency. And this Nintendo Game Boy Pocket is also currently on sale for £155.50 and you can use my coupon code CARPLAYLIFE to get an additional 10% off your order. Because these frames use sourced second-hand technology, each framed tech is unique and they can each run out fairly quickly. For example, there are currently only 16 of the iPhone 3G frames, and 9 left of the Nintendo Game Boy Pocket. So if you have an interest in picking up a frame, check out my links in the video description below to find your favourite deconstructed tech frame and buy yourself one.

With plenty of tech frames on offer, there is certainly going to be one frame that will resonate with you and bring back some good memories of the piece of technology being in your life. So if you or you know someone, that is tech-savvy, that will love a deconstructed frame like this, then I recommend you head over to their website now to see the many different frames XREART have on offer.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:36 – XREART Apple iPhone 3G Frame
2:55 – XREART Nintendo Game Boy Pocket Frame
4:54 – My Impressions

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