Wireless Portable Ice-Cream Maker | Cocinaré KRUSH Review

In this video, I make some ice-cream with this handy gadget from Cocinaré. You can buy the KRUSH portable ice-cream maker for $130 from their crowdfunding page on Indiegogo 👉🏻 https://bit.ly/cocinarekrush.

This is the world’s first wireless portable ice cream maker that allows you to make healthy ice cream in just 20 minutes, whilst on the go.

In the box, you get a hard carry case, a thermal lid, a USB-A to USB-C charging cable, and there is the Krush portable ice cream maker, which consists of five parts. There is the battery and motor, a detachable churning paddle, there is a windowed spacer, a thermal mixing bowl, and a plastic container cover. There is also a small paper manual, a membership card with a 12-month membership code to access a variety of recipes in its recipe app, and finally, there is an insulated zippable cool bag.

Features & Design

Looking over the main components of this portable ice cream maker, its construction is very simple, with only a few parts to it. At the very top, there is a rechargeable battery and motor which requires charging to operate it whilst on the go. Beneath this is a removable churning paddle that slowly rotates to fold and mix the ingredients together.

Below is the main thermal cooling mixing bowl in which you drop all the ingredients in to. There is a small removable windowed spacer at the top and all this fits into a slightly larger outer case that not only helps protect the thermal bowl whilst it is cold to the touch, it also helps to anchor the motor and mixing paddle into to prevent it from rotating itself.

Making Ice-Cream in 20 minutes

Making ice cream with the crush is super easy, and can be done in just 20 minutes, plus any additional prep time for cupping up ingredients, and the time it takes to freeze the thermal bowl. You first need to pop the thermal bowl container into your freezer that has a temperature of at least -18°, for around 12 hours or overnight.

Whilst you wait for the coolant liquid inside the walls of the bowl to freeze, you have plenty of time to look up a tasty ice cream recipe, either through its online website, through this smartphone app, or you could go rogue and look something up on the Internet. I found it best to prepare and combine all the ingredients together ahead of removing the thermal bowl from the freezer. So once everything is chopped up and all the cream and milk ingredients are all mixed up together, you then bring out the bowl from the freezer and add all the ingredients in one go. 

Once everything is added into the bowl, you have to quickly drop the motor and mixing paddle into the bowl and hold down the power button for a few seconds to start churning the ice cream. The motor has an automatic running time of up to 20 minutes, which is all the time it needs to create the ice cream. Being battery-powered, you can choose to carry the whole contraption with you. Its operation sound is fairly low and not too distracting. A full charge of the internal battery takes 2 to 3 hours and a full charge will give you around 13 to 15 mixing operations.

Whilst the ice cream is being made you can use the two clear side windows on the separator, along with the motor’s internal light, to view the progress of your ice cream being made.

Once the 20 minutes is complete the Krush will stop and beep to let you know your ice cream is ready. You can then choose to either eat it straight out of the mixing bowl, serve it in separate bowls, or transfer it to a container for storage. You also get a thermal lid, which screws onto the bowl and you can take the ice cream with you to enjoy in a different location, whilst it keeps your ice cream cool for up to 1 hour. The handy insulated carry case also helps prolong the ice cream from melting so quickly too. 

My Impressions

The Krush portable ice cream maker from Cocinare is currently being crowdfunded on Indigogo with perks available from $130 (or £107). And you can check out the links on this page to go to their campaign, so you can learn more about it, select a perk, and buy yourself one.

I’ve had great fun, creating a variety of different ice creams using the Krush portable ice cream maker. Out of the box, I did struggle to understand where the Krush fitted into the whole process of making ice cream. Usually, ice cream makers can be large machines that take a number of hours to mix, and with long freezing times, however, the Krush it’s both small and wirelessly portable, and you can simply add your ingredients, start the machine, and be eating ice cream in less than 20 minutes. Washing up is also made simple with just the removable mixing paddle and freezing bowl to wash up. 

My first few attempts, without any form of recipes supplied in the box, were a little bit hit and miss, but I am told that there will be a recipe card in the final production box when the Krush is shipped to buyers. Their online app will also contain more recipes than it has now, specifically for their ice cream maker. But right now, I had to make it up as I went along and I also asked them for a few recipes and searched online.

Using either a mix of cream and milk or yoghurt, along with some of my favourite fruits, after a few rather runny first attempts, I did have a few successful makes. As I said earlier, I found it’s best to have all the ingredients blended and ready to drop into the thermal bowl so that it can instantly mix and cool the ingredients down and not allow the bowl to warm up and make the ice cream less solid as a result.

Its mixing paddle sits very close to the bowl, so if you don’t mix the ingredients well enough or if you have chunky bits of fruit in the mix, this can catch and freeze to the walls of the bowl and it can make it harder for the motor to turn the paddle whilst it’s in the bowl. So I found it better to turn it on and slowly lower it into the bowl instead.

With such a small bowl container, I found that the ice cream was just enough for two people to have two small portions, or enough for one person to have a considerable portion. So due to its small size, it won’t be very good for a larger family-sized serving.

So if you’re looking to create your own healthy ice cream for yourself, or for a significant other, I found the Krush portable ice cream maker to be a great compact and efficient solution to rustle up a quick batch of ice cream using fresh ingredients and in such a short time.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:19 – Unboxing
0:57 – Features & design
2:05 – How to make ice-cream
3:36 – Storing ice-cream
4:01 – My Impressions

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