$45 Wide Monitor Light Bar | Quntis 52cm Computer Screenbar Review

Enjoy my Quntis 52cm Computer Monitor Light Bar review. You can buy this Quntis monitor screenbar for $43.99 from Amazon US → https://amzn.to/2Q49Sgg or for £48.99 from Amazon UK → https://amzn.to/3tnmEon. The Quntis laptop-friendly light bar → https://amzn.to/2RDuV9Z.


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So If you find yourself in a dim, poorly lit room or office, or perhaps you regularly suffer with eye strain, this LED light bar from Quntis might be for you. 

This isn’t the first light bar I have reviewed on this channel, in fact, I reviewed its smaller brother, the Quntis 40cm monitor light bar also. Both light bars are pretty much identical, other than this wider light bar features 22 more LEDs, so it will be brighter and it will cast a wider spread of light than its smaller brother. 

In the box you get a happy card, a manual that tells you how best to mount the light bar onto your monitor, a hex key to remove the weight from the mount, and you get a braided 2-meter long USB-A to USB-C cable to power the light. There’s a weighted screen clip system, with two adjustable spacers. And there is the 52cm long LED light bar itself. 

The LED light bar measures 52cm or just under 20-inches in length, it has a black aluminum casing and it is powered by the bundled USB-C cable that you either plug into a USB-A port on your desktop monitor, a wall adapter, or a port on your desktop or laptop.

This size of LED light strip is best suited for screen sizes between 22 and 29inches, yet it performs pretty well enough attached to my curved 34” ultrawide too. There are many ways to mount the light bar onto your monitor. For thick monitors, you can use the clip system as it is, by simply pulling the rear of the clip out, placing it over the top of your monitor, and allow the clip to slide back onto the back of your monitor.

If you have a thinner monitor you can attach the extra adjustment cover onto the rear of the clip. This reduces the overall space that the clip can attach to. You can also perch the light bar on the top of a thin or curved monitor and use the attached counter-weight at the back to keep it balanced and in place. 

Along the top of the LED light strip, there are four capacitive touch controls. The first button turns the LED light on and off. The next button is used to turn the light sensor on and off. When this is set to the ON position, the LED light strip will sense the light in the room and adjust the intensity of the light automatically. 

The next button on the other side of the mount controls the colour temperature. By touching this button for 3 seconds you can change the colour temperature from the warm yellow light of 3000K to the blue light of 6500K. 

And Finally, The last button is used for dimming the LED lights, should you wish to override the auto light sensor on the light strip. Again, by holding down this button for 3 seconds the light begins to step up or down through each of its brightness settings.

With its 100 individual LEDs, this light bar offers a great way of illuminating your desktop and keyboard area below, without creating unnecessary light for anyone working alongside or around you. Its cable length is more than ample to reach a nearby powered USB socket and its 25,000+ hour lifespan ensures you can use this light strip for 8 hours a day and it will last up to 8 years. 

By mounting this bar on top of the monitor you gain more space on your desktop that would have been used up with a side lamp base, and it’s this kind of light that may have also been the cause of any eye strain you may have been experiencing.

Just like the 40cm bar I received, I would have personally liked better button controls on the light bar. Having to hold the buttons down to dim and step through the light colour settings can be frustrating because if you go over your desired light setting, you have to cycle through the other adjustment settings before you can get back to the level you want again. I would have preferred some plus or minus buttons instead, but I can understand why they may have wanted to simplify the controls on this bar. And I think a few one-touch preset buttons would have also been good to see here too.

This light bar is rather large, so I wouldn’t recommend this size for use on a laptop or small screen. Even the 40cm version is a little large to perch on the top of a 13” laptop screen. Quntis also sells a much smaller 54 LED light strip that has a hinged clip system that would be perfect for a laptop screen. So if you are only going to be using the light on a laptop display, check out the links below in the description for the laptop version of this light.

It’s a great way to free up space on your desktop whilst also offering light that can reduce eye strain in a dimly lit workspace. I am not a big fan of the touch-sensitive controls on the top of the light bar, but once set, you only need to use the power button to turn it on and off each time. If you have a large monitor, it’s worth buying this larger version, the more LEDs of this 52cm version do offer a brighter and wider spread of light and if you rotate the bar toward you it can work with curved monitors too.

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