Watch YouTube, Netflix & AirPlay on your CarPlay Display – JoyeAuto Multimedia Android OS Box Review

Enjoy our first-impressions review for the JoyeAuto MMB – Multimedia Video Box – and use coupon code “CARPLAYLIFE” to get FREE shipping with your order.

The is a standalone Android OS box that plugs into your CarPlay USB port and it replaces Apple CarPlay with a fully functioning Android 7.0 operating system with a car-friendly interface layer on top.

What this means is that you can run any Android 7.0 compatible app from the Google Play Store on your CarPlay display. Tether your iPhone or Android smartphone to the MMB and access streaming videos from YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video on your CarPlay display. Browse the internet using the Google Chrome browser, use the bundled GPS module to use navigation applications, and even play Android games on your touchscreen CarPlay display.

You can also play locally stored videos and music from an inserted USB drive that’s loaded full of video and music content with its built-in player.

The replaces the CarPlay experience with an Android one, so think of any Android mobile or tablet application and you can have this app running on your CarPlay display.

and use coupon code “CARPLAYLIFE” to get FREE shipping with your order.

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