Vorrot 2K QHD 30FPS Webcam with Microphone – Install and Review

Enjoy our first-impressions of the Vorrot 2K QHD 30FPS Webcam with Microphone. You can buy this webcam for $29.99 from Amazon US or for £25.99 from Amazon UK.

This is a 2K resolution webcam that is capable of recording 30FPS on its 4MP sensor through its 67-degree field of view lens. It features automatic white balance, manual focus adjustment and the webcam is attached to a mounting plate that feature tripod mounting and there is a counterweight to allow it to pivot comfortably on the most narrowest of monitors and laptop screens.

Installation of the camera is very simply, by simply plugging it into your desktop or laptop’s USB-A port. Sadly if you require this for a newer Apple MacBook you will require a USB hub or adapter for the USB lead to plug into. Mounting onto of my curved monitor was easy and simple, thanks to the web cam’s counter balance arm that also acted as a support to prop the web cam up. Once mounted I found the cam to sit a little too low on my monitor, which resulted in it covering a small portion of the top of my monitor screen. I would have preferred to have it sit above the monitor instead. With monitor bezels being so slim these days, you really do have to consider if you might experience the same issue.

The supplied tripod, and its ability to also stand on its own base, makes this web cam more versatile on where you can position it. This makes it a good web cam if you don’t have a monitor to perch it onto, or if you plan on recording someone that isn’t directly in front of the monitor or camera.

Once connected and your favourite webcam software booted up you get your first look at what this webcam has to offer. Sadly this is where all my hopes from its list of decent specs felt flat. The end result wasn’t overwhelmingly good, but then I was reminded about the price.

Although this webcam may have the ability to shoot in 2K resolution I wasn’t able to record at such a resolution, with most webcam software, from Skype, Zoom, Teams as well as Quicktime’s own movie capture mode only being unable to capture at 1080p. With a high resolution scaled down, the overall quality was decent in the software I tried. Colour and white balance felt natural, although with poor or low lighting its colour can get a little over saturated.

Unfortunately the same level of visual quality performance can’t be said for this web cam’s audio quality. With dual microphone support and dynamic noise cancelation on its spec sheet, the output of this web cam was really disappointing to listen to. A dedicated microphone or headset would be recommended here and let the web cam deal with the visual side of things, only.

For $29.99 it really is a case of you get what you pay for. For its prices though, the visual quality is pretty decent, it is just the audio quality is where it drops the ball, and that is a big shame if you are looking for an all-in-one camera and microphone solution for your desktop web cam.

You can buy this webcam for $29.99 from Amazon US or for £25.99 from Amazon UK.


00:00 – Intro
00:17 – Brief overview
01:45 – Installation
03:18 – MacBook Facetime HD Test
03:31 – Vorrot 2K Webcam Test
03:43 – Logitech StreamCam Test
03:51 – My Impressions

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