ViseeO Play2Air Wireless CarPlay Adaptor Review | A Small And Reliable CarPlay Dongle

Enjoy my Play2Air Premium Wireless CarPlay Adapter Review. You can buy this dongle for £179 from Amazon Amazon UK → or outside the UK you can try the links to stores on their website.


Over a year ago I had someone ask me to take a look at this dongle and after reaching out to ViseeO they have kindly sent one over for this review.

In the box, you get the Play2Air adapter, a USB-A to USB-C cable to connect it to your wired CarPlay port, and power the adapter. If your car uses USB-C for CarPlay, there is a second USB-C to USB-C cable in the box for this connection also. And finally, there is a bunch of paper manuals and guides on how to install and operate the dongle.


In the car, I plugged in the Play2Air adapter into my VW Golf 7 with an installed Alpine aftermarket CarPlay receiver. This is where I encountered my first view of how these dongle boots, which tackles it a little differently from all the other dongles I have tested. There is no boot menu on this Play2Air adapter, your CarPlay display will turn black and offer no real feedback on if the dongle is operating or not other than the few LED lights that shine through the end of the adapter.

This is where my own experience kicked in. You can also read the manual as to what to do here. Basically, you go to your iPhone and pair it to the Play2Air Bluetooth profile that will pop up when the adapter is powered up. After connecting to it you’ll be asked to enable wireless CarPlay with the Adapter and on doing so, the black screen soon reveals the CarPlay interface.

Wireless CarPlay

From here, everything is as you would expect with wired Apple CarPlay. The standard 1-2 second wireless CarPlay audio lag was still present. I was able to invoke Siri with my wheel controls, as well as use the ‘Hey Siri’ audio command, using my iPhone 13 Pro running iOS 15.1.1, for hands-free interactions with Siri controls to change audio track from the wheel was also supported just fine.

Calling and messaging through the adapter also showed the same wireless CarPlay traits, which still doesn’t bother me too much personally. Audio from the dongle sounded good, but with my Alpine likely doing all the heavy lifting here, I have never had any issues with any wireless adapter in the audio department.

The size of its casing and short-length cables make this adapter one of the smallest wireless CarPlay adapters I have tested. So if space is tight around your CarPlay port, this dongle will work the best with that limitation.

Performance-wise, the CarPlay display feed looked good and sharp. As I said earlier, the audio was just fine. Touch input was just as responsive as all the other wireless dongles I had tested. I was able to test this dongle recently, on a road trip that lasted just over an hour. Whilst running both Google and Apple navigation apps, I didn’t receive any crashes or instability with this dongle, but the jury is still out on long-term stability with this dongle.

My Impressions

In summary, it’s a great little dongle that hasn’t really had much of the limelight over the year it has been available. But as the saying goes – better late than never – and although it has taken too long to cover this dongle, I am glad I have, because it’s a great little adapter and it shows good promise in its performance and reliability.

The minimal boot screen (or no screen in my case) is definitely unique to this dongle when you’ve come from the more commonly known wireless CarPlay dongles, with their device select menus. But as long as you read the installation manual, you will know what to do, and the boot menu is one less area to load, go wrong, and keep the initial connection short and simple. However, with this omission, you do run into the lack of easy multiple device switching. But if this is only going to work with one iPhone, that’s not a problem you will ever face.

If you’re after one of the smallest, most discreet, and low-maintenance dongle that seems to perform well, then check out the Play2Air dongle from ViseeO.


0:00 – Intro
0:08 – Overview
0:42 – Unboxing
1:04 – Installation & Bootup
2:12 – Wireless CarPlay
3:29 – My Impressions

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