Ulanzi MagSafe & Clamp iPhone & iPad Stands for Vlog, Creation & Productivity

In this video, I check out 3 products from Ulanzi. FT-01 Flexible Tripod for iPhone, ULANZI Desktop Metal iPad Stand and ULANZI HP002 Magnetic Phone Stand. Each of these products offers ways to mount your iPhone or iPad in various ways to help with productivity, vlogging and photography.

FT-01 Flexible Tripod for iPhone

Let’s look at the FT-01 flexible tripod first. If you’re after a tripod with flexible and bendy legs, along with a decent iPhone mounting solution, this tripod from Ulanzi is a decent contender for your vlogging or mobile phone camera setup.

In the box, you get the tripod itself, and there the phone mount also comes included.

This tripod features three key parts, there is the flexible stand with its bendy legs, which can be used straight like a normal tripod, or each leg can be bent around an object like a post or tree branch if you wish to mount your phone onto something other than a flat surface. Each leg is a continuous rod shape which means they don’t have separate joints like a Gorilla pod, which are prone to coming apart if over-stressed too much. Their rubber material help clings on to whatever they are wrapped around and their length of 8-inches or around 20cms means you can get them around objects fairly easily or bend them into a shape that will place your phone camera securely.

On top of the tripod, there is a ball-joint mount that has a quick-release clamp arm that makes it easy to release and adjust the ball joint and there is a separate ¼-inch screw point to mount additional accessories, such as a fill light or shotgun microphone.

Finally, the third key part is a plastic phone clamp mount that ratchets closed to grip the phone, and a quick release button to loosen the clamp so you can remove the phone quickly and easily. Beneath the clamp is one ¼ screw mounting hole, and on the back of it there is another ¼ screw mount to attach accessories or the mount itself to the tripod. At the top is a soft-shoe mount for any additional accessories such as a separate microphone or fill light.

If you’re after a well-built and versatile tripod and phone mount, the FT-01 is one mount that you should put on your shortlist. It packs a wealth of mounting options for any additional accessory you wish to pair with your mobile phone camera, and the usual Ulanzi build quality means it will continue to serve you well for a long time.

US https://amzn.to/3T5I9Yc
DE https://amzn.to/3POipwQ
UK https://amzn.to/3dNEePG 

ULANZI Desktop Metal iPad Stand

Next up is the ULANZI Desktop Metal iPad Stand. This is a metal desktop stand that allows you to position a mounted iPad or tablet inside its spring bracketed mount and position your iPad for easy productivity or movie watching from a flat desktop or table surface.

In the box you get the main metal stand itself, already built, and the plastic spring-loaded mount requires attaching to the stand.

The metal base measures 14x15cms and includes a foam base to help with vibration and give the mount some friction to sit firming on the desktop surface. Included underneath is an Allen key to allow you to adjust the tightness of each of the two joints in the mounting arm.

This mount features two arms, the top higher arm is slightly shorter and the one connecting to its base, but combined the stand will reach up to a maximum of 24cms tall, and from here is where the rotating tablet mount is inserted and screwed in to tighten its position on the stand.

On bother edges of the mount there are spring-loaded arms, with help to clamp the tablet very firmly, and thanks to the ball joint of the mount this means the tablet can be easily rotated between portrait and landscape uses.

With my iPad 11 Pro mounted and the mounting arms loosely adjusted to allow me to adjust its position easily, I found this stand to be a solidly built and compact, yet sturdy tablet mount for Apple’s 11-inch tablet. The maximum height of the stand was a good enough height for use with a separate keyboard for some productivity tasks on the iPad. It was below eye level, so for long-term use, it might not be in a comfortable position if you don’t like to look down at your tablet, but you could always place the whole stand on a higher level to achieve this. 

The stand’s small footprint allowed me to place the keyboard comfortably close to the stand, so I didn’t feel the stand was too far from me. Adjusting the stand in a lower position was also good at hiding the stand beneath the tablet’s footprint, which made for a great way to present content on the tablet, or use it for movie watching or as a second screen such as using it for SideCar on the Mac.

It packs down fairly compact so it can be travelled with, as long as you don’t mind packing around 750g of extra weight. So overall if you’re looking for a sturdy, well-built tablet stand for productivity or desktop use, I recommend you check out this Metal iPad Stand from Ulanzi.

US https://amzn.to/3wgYYWr
DE https://amzn.to/3PI3oMG
UK https://amzn.to/3wnt36B

ULANZI HP002 Magnetic Phone Stand

Finally, we have the ULANZI HP002 Magnetic Phone Stand. This is a simple MagSafe compatible stand for your iPhone, that also has the ability to have its height adjusted for better framing on video calls or recording video hands-free, and it also gives you easier access to the charging port when using a lightning cable.

In the box, you get the stand base, the height adjusting pole and MagSafe mount, screws and tools to fix the base and pole together, and there is a pack of adhesive metal rings for devices that do not have MagSafe.

Assembly of the all-metal, Magnetic stand was quick and simple to do. The base looks compact yet sturdy enough to keep the phone stable once it has been mounted onto the magnetic plate at the top of the stand.

The magnetic array inside the stand is very strong and with some heavy shaking, I found it not so easy to dislodge my iPhone 13 Pro from the stand. Being a magnetic mount, this means the mount has the ability to rotate your attached device a full 360 rotation without any restriction. This makes it ideal for watching movies or video calling in landscape mode. Or doing FaceTime or recording Instagram Reels or TikTok posts in portrait mode.

Its height adjustable pole will expand from 160mm or 7.2-inches to 225mm or 10 inches, by simply pulling upwards from the stand. This level of adjustment doesn’t live up to selfie-stick proportions, but it does raise the phone a little higher for better readability or framing when taking a video call.

As stands go, this stand has a clean design, and the typical build quality shines through on this phone stand also. I like its magnetic strength, which is so strong that you can almost raise and lower the adjustable pole by grabbing and pulling or pushing the phone whilst it’s magnetised to the strand.

Personally, I feel like the stand should have been able to go around 2-inches lower and still rise up to 10-inches. That range would sit low and compact on a desk yet still have the ability to reach upwards a lot higher for various uses. It’s also a shame there is no charging support from this stand and its price should be a little lower to reflect this lack of ability. But as a simple MagSafe holder, this stand ticks the boxes and does it well, and if you have a good use for its adjustable height, then that’s icing on the cake for you too.

US https://amzn.to/3PFHBW0
UK https://amzn.to/3QIiPpt

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