UGREEN 100W 2-Port USB-C GaN PD Wall Charger Review

Enjoy my UGREEN 100W 2-Port USB-C GaN PD Wall Charger Review. You can buy this wall charger for £69.99 from Amazon UK → Similar UGREEN charger on Amazon US here →

Just when you thought Apple’s 96W charger for its 14″ MacBook Pro was juicy enough, UGREEN has released a 100W wall charger for your hungry power devices to chew on.

This wall charger packs two USB-C ports, both with the ability to output at 100W on their own, or split 65W and 30W when charging simultaneously. This is great if you want a single charger to power your MacBook and iPhone whilst on the move, beside your nightstand, or at the desk.

Its design and space grey colour scheme makes it look the part, and you would be ashamed to even plug it under the desk or out of sight where you can’t appreciate its very sleek looks.

Compared to Apple’s similar wall charger, it is much more pocketable if you like storing your wall adapters in your pocket, but being more realistic, its size makes it easier to stow in a bag or travel luggage. The only exception is the three giant UK pins that aren’t able to fold away – Apple style – to prevent its metal pins from damaging anything else in your bag.

The USB-C ports are widely spaced apart, should you need to plug any bulky USB-C devices into the ports. The labeling of the USB-C ports are the correct way around – unlike some other chargers I’ve reviewed recently!

Thanks to GaN technology, the size and weight have been trimmed down for easier portability. The UGREEN 100W charger weighs 54 grams less than Apple’s own similarly powered charger, plus you get the versatility of having two USB-C ports to Apple’s one.

So there is a lot to like about the UGREEN 100W fast wall charger. And then there is the price. At £65.99 (with an additional 10% saving with a voucher at this time of writing), that’s £13.01 cheaper than Apple’s own charger with limited ports.

Will it charge your 14-inch MacBook Pro to 50% in 30 minutes? Well, yes it does! I drained my battery to 0% and set a timer for 30 minutes. Once the alarm sounded I checked my battery level and it was exactly at 50%. This is using the Apple MacBook Pro 14″ MagSafe to USB-C cable and I was also video editing at the same time.

Used as a MagSafe charger it performs really well, with my iPhone under 70% it was charging at the adapter at around 17Watts and recorded on the Amperes 4 app I was getting just under 14Watts from the MagSafe charger.

So if you’re looking for a nice-looking, power-laden wall charger that offers dual charging from two USB-C ports and weighs a little less than Apple’s own offering, then I recommend you check out this 100W UGREEN fast charger.

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