Trust GXT 255+ Onyx Gaming Streaming Cardioid USB Microphone With Arm & Shock Mount Review

Enjoy my Trust GXT 255+ Onyx Gaming Cardioid USB Microphone With Arm & Shock Mount Review. You can buy this podcast, ASMR, music, and broadcasting setup for £174.99 exclusively from Amazon UK →

In this unscripted video, I unbox, install and demo the new TRUST Gaming Microphone, Arm, and Shock Mount combo, named the GXT 255+ Onyx.

In the box, you get the minimalistic desk clamp and arm, with built-in USB cabling and an integrated 2-port USB-A hub at the end of the arm. One port in the hub is used for the Microphone, which uses a rather long USB-A to USB-C cable to power it.

You also get a shock mount that the microphone comes preinstalled into it. This mount, unfortunately, has only vertical pivoting and any horizontal positioning of the microphone is only possible by loosening the screw that attaches it and moving the nut lower to tighten and fix its position.

The arm itself is a mix of plastic and aluminum. The three tightening points are recessed to keep the arms looking nice and clean. The tightening dials need to be tightened at the back to stop the mount from pinging backward and hitting the wall behind your desk. Once done though, you can still move the mount without having to re-tighten the three points with every adjustment.

The desk clamp is simple, yet effective. Its bolt could be a little thicker to make it feel more sturdy and premium, but it does the job and it has some small rubber pads to help protect the top and bottom of your desk surface.

With the USB cable on the arm connected to my Apple MacBook Pro, the microphone was quickly detected and was selectable without the need for any drivers or software. On my first test, I was blown away by its quality over my Samson Meteor Microphone, which I thought was already good enough for me – I was wrong! It does a great way of dampening echo and noise outside its line of sight recording tip.

The LED ring that glows around the microphone’s rather cheap-looking foam spoffle felt a little cheap to me. Only a handful of colour options were there, and I would have preferred some software similar to the SteelSeries software to get the perfect hue. It can also be turned off if you don’t want to look like a YouTube streamer, and it does have some use to indicate that the microphone is muted, by glowing red.

Also on the microphone is a 3.5mm jack input for audio playback and also loop through audio monitoring with zero lag. There is a small rocker dial to alter the volume of your audio playback to a pair of headphones, and on the side of the Microphone there is a gain dial to raise and lower the recording input, should you sit too close or far away from the mic.

As a whole package, I think this is a great setup. I was looking for a minimalist arm and microphone setup and the competition is very expensive for an amateur level of recording or someone on a budget. I picked this setup up for £110, which I thought was a deal, as you can spend that alone on a minimalistic microphone arm, and you get that, a microphone and shock mount, and it sounds decent too.

So there is a lot to like with the Trust GTX255+ Onyx microphone arm and mic. If you are on the lookout for something that not only sounds great but looks the part too, all at a decent price point, you will want to consider the Onyx from Trust for your steaming/broadcasting setup.


0:00 – Intro
0:15 – Brief overview
2:40 – Unboxing
6:44 – Demo
17:01 – My Impressions

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