Totallee Super Thin iPhone 12 Pro Case – Matte and Limited Edition Clear Case Review

Enjoy our Totallee Super Thin iPhone 12 Pro Case – Matte and Limited Edition Clear Review. You can buy their cases directly from Totallee or on Amazon.

These cases are super thin, as their title describes. This means they will not fully protect your shiny new iPhone 12 Pro, but they will do a decent job at protecting the iPhone from bumps, scratches, dust, and dirt.

All buttons and holes have precision cut-outs in the Totallee cases. There is no button protection, so your iPhone buttons will appear through the holes. With the case being so thin, the iPhone buttons practically sit flush to the case, which is no bad thing for me.

These cases come in a few colour options, from frosted Pacific Blue, Black, White, Green and there is a thicker clear option. The Limited Edition Clear (Hard) case is only available from Totallee and it carries the same thickness as the Matte cases. This clear case shows through your iPhone’s native colour whilst also keeping it protected from minor accidents.

I think these cases are great, but the price is far too high for a case that doesn’t really protect it like many others will. I purchased them myself, so I did struggle to pay full price of $35 for the Matte and $45 for the Limited Edition. Luckily I got 20% off for the Matte and whilst I was waiting for it to ship the Limited Edition Clear released and I was able to get $15 off the full price as an additional case order after the first.

You can buy the Totallee Super Thin iPhone 12 Pro Case directly from Totallee or on Amazon.

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