Tollefe ZS230 Car Air Vent Phone Mount Holder Review

In this video, I check out the Tollefe ZS230 Car Air Vent Phone Mount Holder.

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If you’re after a simple and relatively cheap way to mount your mobile onto your car’s air vent, then this Tollefe ZS230 car mount ticks all those boxes for a solid, no-frills mount for your smartphone.

In the box, you get the mount itself, and there is also the rear military-grade metal screw clip attachment. There are no instructions in the box, as it is pretty simple to build, install and use this car vent mount. 

Looking over the mount itself. It features three points of contact with your phone, via support arms that are attached to the sides and bottom of the base plate of the mount. Each arm features anti-slip rubber padded inserts to help reduce friction, and absorb vibration, and they also protect your mobile from scratches, whilst maintaining a secure level of grip on your mobile phone.


The installation of the two parts can be done in seconds. You first have to unscrew the plastic nut at the back of the mount, pass the metal clip attachment through the hole in the nut and then reattach the ball joint back into the round recessed part of the mount. Then tighten the nut around the screw joint to tighten its grip around the ball joint, which in turn will make the mount secure its position on the metal clip.

The two small feet on the bottom are not adjustable and they are moulded into the bottom of the main part of the mount instead. The thick rubber inserts are angled upwards to help cradle the bottom of the mobile phone and help prevent it from slipping forward and out of the holder, and its thick padding also helps absorb shocks and vibration from bumps in the road.

The mount’s ball joint allows rotation, side to side, and up and down alignment, so you can position the best viewpoint of your mobile phone in the car. On the back is a single button that you press in to expand the two ratchet arms, which smoothly open up, ready for a device of up to 9 cm in width and up to 2 cm in thickness to be inserted between them.

With the rear button pressed to open the arms, you simply inserted the phone onto the mount base and press the two side arms together to firmly tighten the grip around the sides of your phone, until they cannot be moved inwards any further. The angled rubber padding helps cradle the phone and prevent the phone from slipping forward and out of the mount.

Mounting in the Car

In the car, the mount was installed in seconds by simply positioning the clip part over a chosen vent blade that you wish to attach to it to and then tightening the small adjustment screw to grip the clip around the air vent blade, and that it.

I found the mount positioned the phone higher than most magnetic mounts, which on some car interior layouts means that the phone isn’t in the way of the stereo display below it.

While driving I noticed the rigidness of the metal clip made the mount fairly solid over bumps and general road conditions. With any movement being made due to the one point of contact with the vent blade. So there is some level of possible vertical movement from the loose horizontal vent blades. To counter this I found using the top most blade added some extra rigidity to the mount that made it better than some other similar mounts of this type.

My Impressions

The ZS230 car phone mount is a relatively cheap and solid solution that doesn’t go above and beyond to be any different. As a result, its looks can be a little bland and its form factor can look a little oversized compared to the many magnetic mount alternatives that are out there.

Its metal clip makes for a solid mounting solution for a car’s air vent blades and in my test, it performed surprisingly well at holding onto the vent blades without any slip or requiring repositioning. Its performance will vary depending on your own air vent blades and how you mount it onto them. Without any supporting foot, the entire weight is resting on the plastic air vent blade, so some vertical movement can occur.

But if your mobile phone doesn’t support wireless mounting and you’re on the lookout for a simple, no-frills cradle mount for your car’s air vent, then give this car mount from Tollefe a look.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:18 – Unboxing
0:31 – Features
0:51 – Installation
2:16 – Mounting in car
3:07 – My Impressions

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