The Best Value Protective MagSafe iPhone 12 Case? | Savaletor Magnetic iPhone 12 Case Review

Enjoy my Savaletor Magnetic iPhone 12 Case Review, which I think is great value for what you get and the quality of the case. You can buy this case for $19.99 from Amazon US or for a bargain £15.19 from Amazon UK (with 20% discount code 9IRQ9SCM) →


So today I will be looking at a new case from Savaletor, for the Apple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. It is made from a combination of silicone and glass materials, it has a classic appearance, it comes with built-in magnets for MagSafe passthrough charging, and there’s also a pair of tempered glass screen protectors in the box too, whilst all this comes bundled at a reasonable price.

It comes in three available colors. There’s a dark green, light blue, and there’s a classic black colour too. The shockproof edges of the case are made from liquid silicone, which has a soft and silky touch to it. Over on the back of the case, its material is made from the same glass material as the iPhone 12 Pro, which gives it a matt look and its material also helps with heat dissipation. This choice of silicone and glass material isn’t the kind that catches on inside pocket material and it doesn’t easily pick up any dust from it either.

Bumps, Holes & Colors

The back of the case covers the camera bump area by 1.2mm and it has precise holes cut out for each of the camera lenses, flashlight, microphone, and sensors on the iPhone 12. On the front side there is a small 1.2mm lip to protect the screen from touching any surface, should you place the phone downwards onto a table. The lip has a curved inner edge to it also – so unlike some cases, swiping from the sides feels good and smooth. Overall, the case generally doesn’t feel like it adds that much extra bulk to the iPhone.

On the sides, you have a large cutout hole for the iPhone’s mute toggle switch, and each volume and sleep button has been moulded into the silicone case, so it all blends in well and keeps the buttons dust free. On the bottom, there’s a large lightning port cut out hole, ready for various sized charging cables to easily fit into. And on either side, there are the speaker and microphone holes, which are more rounded rectangle-shaped than the circular holes on the iPhone itself. Finally, there is one of those lanyard holes on the bottom left corner, that I personally never use.

The colors of each of these cases are fairly neutral, the green and blue colour cases are not too overbright. The slightly different material between the sides and back give it a subtle two-tone look. And the way the case covers most of the iPhone, it is harder to see any colour of iPhone show through the case, other than at the cutouts for the mute switch, lighting port and lanyard holes.

MagSafe Support

With its built-in magnet array of 38 small magnetic parts, I had no trouble connecting the case to any MagSafe accessory. Unlike some cases without an array of magnets, the case was able to stay fixed on to my MagSafe car mount very well, whilst going over some major bumps and potholes on the road. Attaching it to a MagSafe charger triggered the MagSafe animation without any issue. And as for charging through the case, I ran a test with an Apple MagSafe charger, using a third-party wall adapter, and I got 11.47 Watts with the case off and 11.52 Watts with the case on. So no charge was lost through the case.

The Savaletor iPhone 12 case retails for £18.99 or $19.99 from Amazon and you can support the site and channel by checking out my links above and below to learn more and to buy yourself one. At this time of recording, there is a big discount on Amazon UK, which will take this case down to just £15.19, which is a bargain for what you get in the box.

Screen Protection

I am not a fan of screen protectors myself, but I installed its glass screen protector without any issue. You’re given more cleaning and dust removal accessories than you need to clean your iPhone screen before sticking on the tempered glass protector. The protector is a very tough 9H-glass that’s not all that different to the glass on the iPhone that it is protecting, so it will do a very good job at protecting your screen from scrapes and scratches. You get a second protector in case you mess up the install or if you find yourself needing to replace it over time.

My Impressions

Overall, I think this is an excellent case at a great price. The one issue I had with it though is the side buttons. Because they are moulded into the same silicone material as the sides of the case, it is a lot harder to press the buttons inwards. Especially when you are used to using thinner cases or no case at all on your iPhone. This is good if you don’t like to easily press your side buttons or if you want to fully protect them, but for me, this is the one thing about this case that lets it down a little for me.

With its materials and tempered glass screen protector, I have no doubt this combination will give my iPhone 12 all-around protection without the added bulk of having a thicker case, and the best thing is you get all this for a wallet-friendly price.


0:00 – Intro
0:19 – Brief overview
0:49 – Case color options
0:59 – Case materials
2:10 – Cutout holes and buttons
2:55 – Color impressions
3:26 – MagSafe support
4:10 – My impressions
4:35 – 9H-Glass screen protector install

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