Syncwire 5-in-1 Cigarette Lighter Splitter And USB Car Charger Review

Enjoy my Syncwire 5-in-1 Car Cigarette Lighter Splitter And USB Charger Review. You can buy this splitter for $18.99 from Amazon US → or for £16.99 from Amazon UK →

Overview & Features

So as the number of devices grows in our daily lives, so does the demand for powering or charging them in the car. If you have a large family in the car, or a number of devices to charge whilst on the move, you might feel limited by the number of USB or 12v ports currently available in your car.

This Cigarette Lighter Splitter from Syncwire is here to help with this exact situation. It is a five-in-one solution that features two USB-C ports, 1 Quick Charge 3.0 port, and it features two 12 or 24v sockets to power additional devices such as dash-cams and CarPlay displays like the Coral Vision CarPlay display.

In the box, you get the splitter itself. There are two additional 15 Volt car fuses. A small paper manual and there is a rubber sleeve to help improve the fitting of any loose connections of the lighter socket in your car, or in the two expansion sockets on the splitter.

Size-wise, it is a big chunky accessory. When fully extended, it is almost as long as an iPhone 13 Pro. The 12 or 24v socket connecting arm has a rubber grip on two sides and it is also hinged on its connecting side. This is to allow the whole unit to be tilted and rotated to create the best angle in your car’s center console, boot, or glovebox, but I was a little disappointed that it didn’t tilt a full 90-degrees.

At the business end of the splitter, you’ll find three USB ports. Two of them are 20W Power Delivery USB-C ports, and there is a single Quick Charge 3.0 USB-A port. The whole unit has a total output of 150W, so plenty for today’s demanding devices.

Alongside these USB ports is an LED voltage display, which will flash when it is under 12v so you keep a close eye on your car’s battery health as well as monitor the draw from the battery from any devices that are plugged into it.

Along the longest side of the splitter are two 12 or 24-volt sockets. They can be independently enabled by the two switches on the side of the splitter. And internal lights in the socket help to display which are on or off, as well as being able to locate them in the dark.

My Impressions

I found this to be a great accessory in the car that can simply expand the charging and power ability for numerous devices in the car. Being able to expand the available ports isn’t limited to the car either, you can use this in a van, a boat, or a motorhome.

The independent switches help you to keep devices, such as lighting, connected and use the available switches to turn them on and off when needed. The dual lighter sockets help with more power-hungry devices, such as vacuum cleaners, tire inflators, dash cameras, and CarPlay displays. You could even plug in another 12v USB adapter to expand on the number of USB charging ports too.

So if you’re looking to expand your sockets to increase the number of available charging ports in your vehicle, then this Cigarette Lighter Splitter from Syncwire certainly delivers on that.

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