Stream Video Media to Your CarPlay Display – Dash Streamers DS-Lite CarPlay 3-in-1 Adapter Review

In this video, I check out the Dash Streamers DS-Lite CarPlay 3-in-1 Adapter. You can buy this dongle for $189 directly from Dash Streamers’ funky website here 👉🏻

This is a 3in1 media-based adapter for wired factory and aftermarket CarPlay systems that allows you to not only connect your iPhone or Android wirelessly, it also allows you to stream video and music from the preinstalled YouTube, Netflix and YouTube Music to your CarPlay display. You can play local video and music from an inserted USB drive, cast wirelessly from your phone over Wi-Fi, and there is a full-size HDMI output port to mirror all this content onto an external display in the car too.

In the box, you get the DS-Lite adapter, a full-size HDMI cable, and two USB power cables: one USB A to C cable and one USB C to C cable for more modern CarPlay ports. There’s no physical manual, but a QR code on the back of the box will send you to its digital manual instead.

The shiny black adapter is compact in size, which makes it easier to stow away in the car, it features a Dash Streamers logo on the top, and there are passive cooling vents on two sizes and on the bottom. One side features the USB C port to power the adapter, whilst on the other there is a USB A port for media playback and passthrough charging, and a full-size HDMI port for connecting to an external display.

Let’s jump in the car now and I’ll show you my top favourite features that this DS-Lite adapter can do. 

So my first favourite feature is its menu system. Is nice and clean and modern. With a simple one-page access to the majority of its functions. There’s an app draw at the bottom that once pressed will reveal all the additional preinstalled apps wireless CarPlay and Android Auto.

Tapping either CarPlay or Android auto buttons from the main menu will allow you to connect your phone wirelessly to your CarPlay display without the need to keep plugging a cable into your phone every time.

If you find yourself waiting in the car and you want to watch a movie or your favourite YouTuber you can connect the adapter to a WiFi hotspot and fire up the three preinstalled Android apps and watch the latest blockbusters on Netflix, videos on YouTube or listen to your favourite music playlist on YouTube Music.

The DS-Lite also comes with a Tv app which allows you to stream hundreds of IPTV shows to your CarPlay display, from Sports and movies to kids’ TV shows, there’s plenty here to keep you entertained.

If you prefer to watch your content offline, you can plug in a USB drive full of content into the adapter and watch or listen to it from the adapter’s built-in media player. 

If that’s not enough already, you can wirelessly mirror all the content that’s on your phone to your CarPlay display too, thanks to this adapter’s ability to connect to your phone over WiFi and screen mirror or cast specific app content to your CarPlay display.

And finally, this adapter has one extra trick up its sleeve, and that’s HDMI output. If your car has an HDMI external display, you can mirror the feed from this adapter to these displays in the car. So for example you can also have your passengers entertained with content playing from this adapter. 

Retailing for $189, the DS-Lite from Dash Streamers offers a simple and easy way to play various media content on your CarPlay display.

CarPlay or Android Auto can only offer so much entertainment in the car, but once you’ve plugged one of these adapters into your wired CarPlay port, you now have even more video and music content available at your fingertips. So if your entertainment seems lacking in the car, consider this DS-Lite adapter and its ability to liven things up.

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