Spigen Liquid Crystal iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Pro Clear Case Review

Enjoy our Spigen Liquid Crystal iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Pro Clear Case Review. You can buy this case from Amazon UK and Amazon US/Worldwide.

iPhone 12 cases can carry a fair premium price tag for the materials used in them, yet there are many out there that do a decent job at protecting your latest iPhone 12 from minor drops and bumps whilst not costing the Earth. The Spigen Liquid Crystal case for the iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Pro is a thin and clear case that shows off the lines and colour of your shiny new iPhone 12 and does it all without breaking the bank.

Retailing for just $10.99 on Amazon or £7.99 in the UK, you get the case itself and a moist cleaning cloth to wipe the finger marks off your case before you put it on. Attaching the case is super simple, thanks to the softer plastic material that allows you to easily insert and remove your iPhone 12 from (if you do that often).

There is enough ridges to the camera bump and around the screen to keep your lenses and screen protected, whilst covers over the buttons carry a the same soft material from the case, meaning buttons remain easy to press. Although this case carries a soft clear material, there is now chin wobble at the bottom of the case, all the speaker and Lighting port areas are nicely cut out, with a large space around the Lightning port for thicker third-party Lightning cables.

I like this case, and considering its price, it makes me easily recommend it as a great thin, clear case for your iPhone 12 that shows off the Pacific Blue colour, if you went with that option.

Buy the Spigen Liquid Crystal iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Pro Clear Case from Amazon UK for £7.99 and Amazon US/Worldwide for $10.99.

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