SODI C50 15W MagSafe Wireless iPhone Mount & Charger Test & Review

In this video, I check out the SODI C50 15W Wireless Car Charger. You can currently buy this MagSafe compatible vent mount charger for $20.39 (with coupon) from their store on Amazon US 👉🏻, and for €26.99 from Amazon DE 👉🏻 For all other regions, you can buy from SODI directly here 👉🏻

Other tech mentioned in this video:
Anker 12V USB-C & A Car Charger 👉🏻
Anker 100W Powerline III Cable 👉🏻

TL/DR: The SODI C50 15W MagSafe Wireless iPhone Mount & Charger is a sleek option for convenient wireless charging in your car. While it has a unique design and strong magnets, it may struggle with larger bumps. Overall, it’s a decent choice for keeping your phone charged on the go.

The SODI C50 packs a 15W MagSafe wireless charging experience into a sleek and stylish-looking package. Bundled with a sub-1m-long cable, it has all you need to charge your MagSafe-compatible phone, as long as you have a USB port available, otherwise, you can use a decent 12V USB charger (linked above).

The C50 isn’t the most minimalist wireless charger for vent mounting. Its droplet-like lower chin houses a power and charging status light, albeit this gets covered as soon as your iPhone is mounted onto it.

Its mount uses the hook-type system, which is one of my preferred mounting solutions for air vents. This has been braced with a metal rod to prevent it from bending over time. Its tightening dial and ball joint screw head make the whole mount quite chunky though. The advantage of this is that the whole charging plate (and phone) is placed further away from the vent, allowing it to pass air more freely from behind it, than covering it up if it was mounted more flush to the air vent blades.

Mounting your iPhone is a breeze. Simply place the phone onto the mount and its magnets attach the two together. Being magnet-based, you have the freedom to place your phone however you like, and with a quick removal or turn, you can effortlessly swap from landscape to portrait.

The C50’s magnets, although strong for light bumps, could prove to be less powerful than some other magnet vent mounts I have tested. It may survive the odd shallow pothole, but I would give it a 50/50 chance with much deeper bumps or jolts in the car.

Overall, the C50 is a decent wireless charging mount. Thanks to the limits of iOS revealing its charge in any charging-based app, I couldn’t test the extent of its 15W claims, but pair it with a decent USB port or charger and it should keep your phone charged whilst using wireless CarPlay. 

Personally, I wish it was more minimalist, with a smaller mounting plate design. Its status charging LED droplet and large chin feel very unnecessary, whereas many other brands can deliver a charger at half its size. Its chunky hook mount makes the whole package even more bulky for my tastes and I find with all the space it has at the back, the USB connection should have been behind the charging mount rather than sticking out at the bottom.

If you can live with such design choices then for its price, the C50 Wireless Car Mount Charger can serve you well in the car, just don’t hit those potholes too square on, as its lacking magnetism might send your iPhone into the footwell.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:25 – Unboxing
0:39 – Features & Design
2:17 – Magnetism Test
3:04 – Power Up & Charging
4:45- In Car Install & Demo
7:30 – My Impressions

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