Smart Wi-Fi Cat Feeder | PETLIBRO 5L Wi-Fi Automatic Pet Food Dispenser Review

In this video, I check out the PETLIBRO 5L Wi-Fi Automatic Cat Food Dispenser. You can buy this Cat Feeder for $89.99 direct from Petlibro (sometimes with discounts) 👉🏻 Petlibro Store (unaffiliated) , for $74.99 (with coupons) from Amazon US 👉🏻, for £77.33 from Amazon UK 👉🏻, and for €99.99 from Amazon DE 👉🏻

I decided to replace our old Wi-Fi cat feeder with this 5L Wi-Fi cat feeder from Petlibro. I love their simple design, which makes it not stand out too much when placed around the home. It has a small footprint too, so that it doesn’t get too much in the way.

The reason for the upgrade was that I wanted a feeder that came with a stainless steel removable bowl. Our older Wi-Fi feeder came with a removable plastic bowl that our cat soon slicked its plastic coating off, which can’t taste nice, so we wanted a removable metal bowl that we could also wash and be healthier for our cat.

The Petlibro ticks all the boxes for me. It looks good, it’s small in size, yet it still has a large 5L capacity for dry food of between 2-15mm in size. Petlibro does a variety of feeders, but we found the single bowl 5L PLAF103 model was perfect for us. There are non-Wi-Fi models, models with webcams, and there’s also a 3L smaller option, but we go away for week-long holidays so we wanted an option that required less filling up.

Opening and locking the top is a breeze, and even when our cat attacks the container numerous times, its stability and lid strength seem to keep him at bay from knocking the feeder over or accessing the dry food in the container. He does try to paw into the opening slot as I am sure he can smell the food up there. This can lead to blockage warnings in the app, but when you get it outside feeding times, I know it isn’t a genuine warning.

Low food level warnings are a must-have feature with these devices, if we are either away, or just don’t have time to monitor its small font window of food. It tells you with at least a day or two remaining of feed, so it allows you to arrange a time to gather the food and fill it back up.

The stainless steel bowl is a nice size and it makes a reassuring noise once the kibble ejects onto it, making the cat aware that food is being dropped. It can be easily removed from the base part, but not as easy as we thought. There is a slight lip nearer the container that you have to lift the bowl out of, which moves the whole container whilst you do this. This may help the bowl from moving, but I am sure there can be easier ways to secure it whilst also being easy to lift out.

The use of desiccant bags is a costly expense we could do without, however, we didn’t have this with our last Wi-Fi feeder, so we feel you don’t really need to change them as often as Petlibro advises. You could bulk buy these desiccant bags and swap them out every 3-6 months to help reduce the cost a bit – that’s if you think you need to use them, our cat never complains!

So overall, there’s little to complain about this Granary Wi-Fi Feeder really. The on-board speaker is quite quiet, so that makes it less desirable to record any personal audio for it. Some stock sound effects would have been nicer to have in the app. The app can have many of its features dotted around various corners, where it could have been more intuitive and accessible. But once you’ve set your scheduled feed drop times, you won’t be visiting the app that often anyway.

This pet feeder has won us over, and I am sure it will continue to serve us for years to come. Petlibro has a we camera-based version, which could also come in handy when away, so maybe we might upgrade to this in the future. If you’re watching Petlibro, get in touch 😉


0:00 – Brief overview
1:07 – Unboxing
3:27 – Installation
6:08 – Filling Food
6:31 – App Connection
7:18 – Food Dispensing, Portion & Weight
8:31 – Scheduling Feeds
10:26 – Feeding
12:04 – Audio Call Recording
12:58 – My Impressions

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