Slim Cheap MagSafe iPhone 13 Pro Case on Amazon | ProBien Case Review


Enjoy my ProBien Magnetic Slim Case for iPhone 13 Pro Review. You can buy this case for £16.99 from Amazon UK →

In this video, I searched for a super slim iPhone 13 Pro case that also does MagSafe passthrough. I came across this case from ProBien, which comes in Grey and Black colours on Amazon UK (I couldn’t find this case on Amazon US). The other 3 colours on the page are not MagSafe.

The case is a firm anti-scratch, shockproof and dustproof case hard shell. The grey version I bought has a metallic matt surface, it has a hard shell material, that will not pick up dirt and dust when placed down on a surface.

The camera bump and front display has around 1m rim around it, so you can place it down on either side without the surface touching the camera lenses or screen display.

On the bottom of the case, there is something a little unique on this case, in that it has a mesh material over the speaker grills. This helps large dust and dirt from getting into your speaker grills. A feature many seem to overlook. There is a large enough Lightning cable port and mute switch holes.

The buttons on the sides are a little cheap, they rock a little when playing with them loosely, which shows up the general quality feeling of this case. The lip around the camera bump is black on the grey edition, so this also adds to the case’s cheap feeling. On my version, it was angled a little too much, so that ruined its aesthetics a little bit too.

The one area I didn’t like was the design on the front that moves away from the iPhone’s edge at the top, bottom, and around the side buttons. This is likely to make the install of the iPhone a little bit easier, but once in it looks really odd. Dirt will certainly get into these recesses, so this would have looked much better if it was more uniform around the whole iPhone.

With all that said, it is an ok case that will add some level of protection for your iPhone. Its MagSafe passthrough is solid and very strong. It will certainly hold on to any MagSafe mounts in the car or on your desktop.

Its price has a lot going for it, with many similar slim cases costing a lot more and many don’t even feature MagSafe. So if you can overlook the cosmetics, this is a decent slim, and relatively cheap MagSafe case.


0:00 – Intro
0:13 – Overview
0:42 – Unboxing
2:08 – Case Install
4:54 – MagSafe
5:40 – Wrap up

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