SlaBao Rechargeable Battery Case for iPhone 12 / 12 Pro – Install and Review

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Enjoy our SlaBao Rechargeable Battery Case for iPhone 12 / 12 Pro Install and Review. You can buy this battery case from Amazon US and Amazon UK.

The SlaBao Battery Case is an all-in-one case and built-in battery pack solution for your iPhone 12 / 12 Pro. It features a built-in 6000 mAh Li-polymer battery, which can deliver up to 150% more power for your everyday tasks. This is ideal for anyone travelling, out on the go, or taking part in outdoor activities where you may be no where near a power outlet. And because it is part of the case, you are not tied to being tethered to a cable attached to a nearby a wall outlet either.

Being built into the case, you do not have to worry about spare charging cables and separate batteries to boost your iPhone with power. Simply tap the charging button on the back and the battery pack in the case will transfer over to your iPhone.

When it comes to charging the battery in the case, you can choose to power your iPhone first or charge the battery in the case first. This is super handy if you want to prioritise the charge to your iPhone or case first. It does not support wireless charging, and do not expect MagSafe either with this case. There is support for Apple CarPlay through the lighting port, NFC and Apple Pay also, which is handy when using this case on the move.

A nice additional feature of the SlaBao battery case is the mini kick-stand that is located on the back of the case. Simply flick this arm out and you can prop up your iPhone in landscape mode without having to mess about with finding an alternative way to prop up your iPhone. It is unfortunate that the kickstand isn’t strong enough support the iPhone in portrait mode and you can’t step the angle of the iPhone when supported by it.

The overall build quality is decent, yet the kick-stand could do with some improvement as it feels a little too flimsy. The charging output is only at 5W, so don’t expect fast recharging of your iPhone. Recharging is done at 10W though its lightning port, but you do not get a spare cable to charge it, so you will have to reuse your own.

Finally there is the overall weight of the battery case. At 137g, the case will almost double up the weight of your iPhone 12. Together with my iPhone 12 Pro at 187g, the total weight ends up being 324g, which isn’t that far off holding a can of soup. It’s a little on the heavy side, but that’s to be expected as there is a battery inside.

If you are looking to for a travel companion to keep your iPhone 12 / 12 Pro topped up, then the SlaBao Battery Case is a decent solution. Retailing for $38 it is a little on the high side for a 6000 mAh battery and case, but its decent soft touch materials and quality makes up for it. It’s just a shame the overall weight, slow charging speed and quite flimsy kickstand lets it down a little.

You can buy this battery case from Amazon US and Amazon UK.


00:00 – Intro
00:22 – Brief overview
01:01 – Install
06:36 – My Impressions

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SlaBao Rechargeable Battery Case for iPhone 12




  • Convenient case and battery solution
  • Soft touch materials
  • Built-in kickstand


  • Too heavy for daily use
  • Kickstand is flimsy and only supports landscape
  • 5W charging speeds

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