RhinoShield CrashGuard NX / Mod NX / SolidSuit / Backplate, Rim & Bumper Combo for iPhone 13 Pro + USB-C Cable Review


Enjoy my review for the RhinoShield CrashGuard NX, SolidSuit, Mod NX, Buttons, 3D Impact Screen Protector and Braided USB-C to Lightning cable. You can buy all of these products directly from the RhinoShield Store → https://bit.ly/rhinoshieldcase.

In this video, I check out a number of accessories for the iPhone 13 Pro from RhinoShield, from full cases of the SolidSuit to bumper cases of the CrashGuard NX, to full protective and personally design cases of the Mod NX. I show you all the buttons and rim colour combos, along with one of their iPhone accessories – the high quality braided USB-C to Lightning cable.

Solid Suit

The first is the SolidSuit case for the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro. This case is a customisable all-over protection case that has a solid back and sides, with a rib around the camera bump and front screen to help protect your iPhone lenses and display from any flat surface knocks and scrapes.

It can be customised in a number of colours to suit Apple’s latest Pro hues, from black, white, pink and blue. Like all their other iPhone case accessories, you can dive deeper into the case’s looks by changing the side button colours as well as the backplate, which can have a number of different designs, from their own artwork and patterns to collaborations with big brands such as NBA, Pac-Man, NASA and Fortnite, to independent artists.

The case itself doesn’t have that silicone feel to it, so it feels more rigid and it will not take fluff and dirt along with it when you take it out of your pocket or pick it up off the couch during the next TV ad break.

For $29.99, you get yourself a solid iPhone 13 case for your money, with a little investment in button colours or rear designs, you also get a unique and bespoke case that will it very individual to you.

CrashGuard NX

If bumper cases are your thing, then the CrashGuard NX from RhinoSheild is up there as one of the best. Its solid plastic material assures you a great feeling, that not only looks great, but it protects the edges of your iPhone 13 from any drops to the side, as well as minor protection from front and rear drops, thanks to its deep edge that comes ever so slightly above the front display and also the rear camera lenses.

The separate bumper and rims come in a number of colours to suit your tastes, with extra rim and button colour options purchased separately for $1.99 and $0.99 respectively.

The CrashGuard NX also comes with a free front protective film, to give your display some minor level of protection, but if you wish to have more protection, then upgrading to either their 3D Impact Screen Protector or their 9H-tempered glass would be recommended.

The rear can be protected with a film, or you could opt for a sticker if you wish to keep the MagSafe performance intact. Charging via MagSafe is great because it is uninterrupted from any other materials – meaning you get the best magnetism from the iPhone 13’s naked back. The bumper’s rear recess can make you think it isn’t making good enough contact with wireless chargers and docks, but rest assured, charging is still possible here.

Retailing for $24.99, it is a reasonable price that only cheaper ones will try to beat but not come close to its quality. The best feature is its customisation and if you want your iPhone 13 Pro to be unique, then picking up a set of colourful buttons really makes this case stand out against the crowd.

Mod NX

This case is the next level up from the CrashGuard NX. The main difference between the two is that the Mod NX comes with a rear plastic backplate. Again all the customisations are available here, just to give you one extra level of personalisation to your iPhone 13.

You can choose from a variety of backplates, from RhinoShield’s own design library of styles to flags, independent artists and branded designs from Snoopy, Pac-Man, PewDiePie, Hello Kitty and Star Wars. You can even add your own photos or sport shirt titles for that extra personal touch.

Mixed with all the button colours on offer, and you have a highly customisable iPhone 13 case that will suit any taste or desire. Your own imagination is the limit.

Retailing for a little extra at $29.99, you only get the clear backplate, so factor in the $9.99 starting price for custom backplates, and the price can start to rise. But the end result is something solid and well built, totally protective and it looks superb!

Rims & Buttons

Whether you have chosen to go with a SolidSuit, CrashGuard NX or Mod NX case for your iPhone 13 / 13 Pro, you can go the extra mile with customisations for your buttons, and different colour rims for the CrashGuard NX.

When it comes to the CrashGuard NX, I found adding a different rim colour to be a little bit overkill for the rear of my iPhone 13. Selecting the default matching colour to the bumper case or choosing a colour that’s close or similar to the rear of your iPhone would make the bumper case appear less bulky or chunky looking.

The button colours however is a different story. You could go nuts and select 3 colours and swap every sleep and volume button on the case for that crazy/cool look. Or be more simplified with a set colour clash option to make it stand out against all the other cases that are selling today. It would totally make it feel unique. If you want to be subtle, you can go for a dark blue with light blue buttons. Again, the limit is your imagination, there are so many combinations here. It’s like Apple Watch straps, you can so easily stockpile button colours to help match up with your outfit of the day!

At $1.99 and $0.99 for the rim and button colour packs respectively, the price isn’t going to break the bank, and I would personally recommend you buy them at the same time as ordering to save on shipping costs.

3D Impact Screen Protector

I am pretty careful with my iPhone. Yet I was surprised to see a tiny scratch has formed on almost new iPhone 13 Pro, and that’s barely 1 month since I got it! As history goes, this is first for me, but it just shows you don’t count on scratching your iPhone screen, yet some small freak event can turn the tables on this outcome.

A screen protector is such a cheap outlay, that really makes the difference when it comes to selling your iPhone in the next year, or more so in years after. Their application has gotten better over the years, and the 3D Impact Screen Protector from RhinoShield is no different.

You get everything you need to apply the protector in the box. This is done dry, meaning no wet wipes or making the screen wet. You get a cloth to initially clean the screen, then a stick to take off any further dust, before removing the adhesive backing on the protector and laying it down onto your iPhone display. Using the squeegee tool you can destroy any air bubbles from forming underneath the protective film, and there are a few tabs that you can use to remove dust from the edges without starting over.

Overall, I found applying the one single protector in the box very easily onto my iPhone 13 Pro. It is meant to have a curved edge to it (the 3D part) but to me, the edges were still raised and sharp at the edges. Meaning you do feel the protective film when making any swiping gestures at the edges.

For $29.99 from the RhinoShield store, I found this package to be a little overpriced. There are other brands that offer similar quality and some even give you three in the pack. With just one from RhinoShield, along with its edge feel, I would have liked to see this offered at a lower price. If anything, opt for their 9H-glass protectors instead.

Braided USB-C to Lightning Cable

Although you may have gotten a similar cable with your iPhone. There are many instances where another cable is required, either around your home, in the car, for travel, or simply in the workplace. We always desire that table at the worst of times, so if you’re looking for an alternative or replacement charging cable for your iPhone 13, then this braided cable from RhinoSheild doesn’t disappoint.

From its packaging, its thick, kink-free braid cable to the chosen materials of its USB-C and Lightning connectors, this cable oozes quality through and through. It is Made for iPhone certified, it has high-quality connectors, and its endpoints have had their bend tested over 100,000 times. So rest assured that this cable is built to last.

Considering the Apple equivalent costs $5 more, this cable is a bit of a bargain. The kink-free cable and attached velcro tie assure you that you won’t be spending valuable minutes of your time untangling this cable once you have pulled it out from your bag. A feature that Apple’s own doesn’t come with – unless you like to keep it in its precious white packaging box – that’s likely $5 alone!

Competition is rife when it comes to charging cables, but the cost through to the build quality of this cable is very good. So if you’re on the lookout for a 1m or 2m cable, you can pick up one of these cables for $19.99 or $29.99 respectively.


0:00 – Intro
0:16 – Brief overview
0:55 – RhinoShield Solid Suit iPhone 13 Case Review
6:27 – RhinoShield CrashGuard NX iPhone 13 Case Review
10:30 – RhinoShield Mod NX iPhone 13 Case Review
17:43 – RhinoShield 3D Impact Screen Protector for iPhone 13 Review
21:51 – RhinoShield USB-C to Lightning Braided Cable Review
24:27 – Wrap up

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