Quntis LED Monitor Light for PC Review

Enjoy our review of the Quntis LED Monitor Light for PC. It retails for £31.99 from Amazon UK or $33.99 from Amazon US.

If you find yourself in a dim or poorly lit room or office and you find yourself suffering from eye strain, the Quntis LED Monitor Light might be for you.

It perches on top of your monitor and fixes itself with a clever mounting solution that expands around various thicknesses of your monitor and it comes bundled with two adjustment pieces to create that perfect fit.

Once fit the light casts down and away from the monitor, which causes sufficient light to your desktop environment without creating screen glare onto the monitor which is one of the causes of eye strain. Its light also feels quite localised, so it shouldn’t disturb anyone nearby should you use this light in an office environment, for example.

The 78 LEDs can have their brightness adjusted as well as colour temperature set between the warmer yellow 3000K and the blue coloured 6500K colour temperature. With 25000 hrs of lifespan in the LED Monitor Light for PC, you could use this light for 8 hrs a day and it should last you up to 8 years!

So if you want a localised light for your desktop to help reduce eyestrain in whilst you work/game, then check out the Quntis LED Monitor Light for PC.

Buy the Quntis LED Monitor Light for PC for £31.99 from Amazon UK or $33.99 from Amazon US.

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