Ottocast U2-X Wireless Android Auto & Apple CarPlay 2 in 1 Adapter Review

Enjoy my Ottocast U2-X Wireless Android Auto & Apple CarPlay 2 in 1 Adapter Review.

You can buy this dongle for $149 (£110) from Ottocast directly here →


In this video, I check out a new wireless dongle from Ottocast. The US-X is a 2-in-1 dongle that offers wireless Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto in one single dongle. As long as you have an Apple CarPlay display, you can use CarPlay or Android auto wirelessly – meaning if you have an Android device and only a CarPlay stereo system in your car, with this dongle you can use Android Auto on it.

There are a few features and improvements made on this dongle that’s worth mentioning. It has a new boot menu, although I found my dongle booted into Android Auto and I couldn’t figure out why it didn’t pair up to CarPlay. Randomly smashing the interface I saw that double tapping the button would switch platform. Doing that saw me enter CarPlay mode and I didn’t have any issues – TLDR: Read the manual!

Another feature is that the USB/PCB inside is suspended to reduce disconnections in CarPlay caused by shocks to the dongle itself. It has dual-band Wi-Fi 5 5GHz and 2.4GHz support. There’s Bluetooth 4.2 and a Dual-Core ARM Cortex A53 running at 1.2GHz. So some decent tech inside to hopefully provide a reliable wireless CarPlay/Android Auto performance.


In practice, I found boot-up times to be pretty much the same as all previous dongles. I couldn’t test the longevity of the connection/performance during the use of the dongle. It supports many models. The sound and the performance felt decent and on par with any other wireless dongle, I have used, including their own CarPlay only dongle – U2-NOW. Call quality was similar to wired, however, the usual traits of wireless CarPlay still stand. So expect the usual audio playback and call lag.

I first ran into issues when trying to connect to my Google Pixel 5 Android device. However, with a simple firmware update, I was soon booted up into Android Auto on the dongle. I’m not sure if it was my own system or that I previously had it paired to the Coral Vision before, but I found on rebooting it failed to connect. Making sure the dongle wasn’t trying to pair with other devices is crucial to not have a failing boot experience.

Boot up time into Android Auto was also just as long as CarPlay. My experience of Android Auto wireless was decent and mirrored a cable experience, with similar traits with its audio delay. I didn’t try calling sadly to see how feedback was on this dongle whilst in Android Auto.

My Impressions

Overall, if you’re looking for a dual CarPlay and Android Auto dongle, the U2-X is a decent dongle to pick up that ticks many boxes. It didn’t run super hot in the first hour I had it working. It’s not the most speedy or reliable dongle on boot-up, but if you have a n Apple CarPlay system and you want it to run wireless Android Auto, this is the best bang for your buck right now.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:54 – Unboxing
2:12 – Size & Feature Comparison
3:53 – Installation
5:12 – Wireless CarPlay
8:05 – Android Auto on CarPlay System
8:34 – USB Power Cable Connection
9:54 – Dongle Settings/Upgrading
10:42 – Wireless Android Auto First Attempt
12:51 – Updating Dongle Firmware
16:30 – Wireless Android Auto
20:10 – My Impressions
22:14 – Where to Buy

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