Ottocast U2 Air Pro vs U2 Air Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter Review

In this video, I check out the Ottocast U2 Air Pro Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter and how it compares to their original U2 Air adapter.

You can buy this adapter currently for $89 (with $40 off voucher) at Amazon 👉🏻 , or for $119.99 directly from Ottocast online store here👉🏻

This is Ottocast’s latest wireless adapter which promises to be 30% quicker than their previous U2 Air adapter. It works only in wired CarPlay vehicles to offer a wireless connection between your iPhone and your Carplay system and it will not convert CarPlay to Android Auto for Android phones.

In the box you get a paper manual, there is the wireless adapter itself, an adhesive pad to fix the adapter in place, and you also get 2 USB cables, one USB A to C cable and one USB C to C cable for more modern vehicles.

Looking over the adapter, its form factor is pretty similar to their earlier Air wireless adapter. Its casing is slightly rounder and on the front there is some Ottocast branding and the play symbol logo also acts as a status light when connecting to your iPhone.

Like the original Air, there are no power passthrough ports, however, there is a new button on the opposite edge, which when pressed will disconnect any connected iPhone from the adapter, and open the adapter for connection from another iPhone in the vehicle.

My time with the Air Pro has been good so far. It hasn’t failed me yet and its GPS has been around 1 second behind, with my iPhone sitting on a mount on my dashboard. Personally, I don’t think that’s too much to worry about, but once it tracking did manage to lose myself when I made a 180 on a roundabout for a few seconds before picking my location back up on the road.

This adapter doesn’t convert CarPlay-only systems to run Android mobiles for Android Auto, you can check out the Ottocast U2-X Pro for that functionality.

Its price runs at the high end of wireless dongles that I have tested, so if speed is your primary desire, then the U2 Air Pro delivers in spades, however, do bear in mind its limitations, and those are: no original car GPS support, limited IP Config menu and no power passthrough support. If you can live with that, then the U2 Air Pro is worth checking out for speed freaks out there!


0:00 – Brief overview
0:32 – Unboxing
0:49 – Features & Design
1:24 – Demo
1:30 – U2 Air (original) benchmark tests
4:16 – U2 Air Pro tests
9:18 – My Impressions

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