Oraimo FreePods Pro vs Apple AirPods Pro | Active Noise Cancelling BT 5.2 Wireless Earbuds Review


In this video, I go ears-on with the Oraimo Active Noise Cancelling BT5.2 Wireless Earbuds. Comparing them alongside the Apple AirPods Pro earbuds.

You can buy these earbuds for £59.99 from Amazon UK → https://amzn.to/3sd1uuA or €49.99 from Amazon DE → https://amzn.to/39GmrYD or from Amazon US here → https://amzn.to/3LQbnGt.

The Oraimo ANC Earbuds can stand proud in a very competitive market for Earbuds in the sub $80 price range. They sound warm and rich in their sound, helped with their deep bass, albeit hindered by its bass performance also, sometimes dampening the mids and highs in certain music tracks. If you like your EDM or drum and bass genres of music, these earbuds might be what you’re looking for. But with that said, speech and vocals can sound just as good too.

Control of the features on each earbud and interacting with playback is done by a touch sensitive area high up on the earbud stem. Sadly this area is also a place your you press the earbud into your ear, so it is very easy to set off the music, stop playback or even accidentally hang up a call if you make any adjustments whilst they’re in your ears. Removing the single tap functions would have helped here.

Interactions are presented with a reassuring beep sound. Sadly the beep isn’t louder than the music you listen to, so they can get drowned out to a level you can’t hear how many beeps for a function you require.

Holding down the button for a maximum of 4 beeps results in either triggering game mode or their loudness mode they call HavyBass. I couldn’t tell much difference between the game and normal modes, both in latency and quality. Whilst HavyBass increases the depth of the bass, similar to a loudness mode in some stereos.

The Active Noise Cancellation was my surprise take from these FreePods Pro. They performed much better than my Apple AirPods Pro, where they did a decent job at pushing outside noise to the back of my listening stage, whilst the music remained front and centre which is something that the Apple AirPods Pro didn’t do as well in my opinion.

The same goes for noise cancellation in calling. Normal calling was decent and acceptable, but they did a much better job at cancelling out loud background noise during calls, which made my voice (although a little distorted) become far more understandable over the background noise than Apple’s own Pro earbuds.

Latency in movies and gaming was a non-issue with the FreePods Pro. I didn’t notice any significant delay in what I was seeing to what I was hearing in my ears. Even swapping between game mode and normal I didn’t notice much difference in quality and latency from my Pixel 5 BT 5.0 device. Match these up with a 5.2 device and I am sure the experience will be even better.

In such a competitive market, the FreePods Pro at £59.99 does a great job at competing against earbuds at 3-4x their price range. And in some instances, it beats them hands down. I would like to have seen a sleeker, matt presentation, wireless charging case, and improved the ability to easily remove the earbuds from their case. But when you look back at the price, these short compromises can be so easily forgotten.


0:00 – Brief Overview
1:00 – Unboxing
5:35 – Pairing, Fit & Controls
7:12 – Microphone Quality
8:31 – ANC & Microphone Quality Over Noise
9:03 – AirPods Pro Comparison
9:53 – Silicone Case
10:55 – My Impressions

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