OneOdio Monitor 60 Professional Monitor Studio Headphones Review

In this video, I check out a pair of OneOdio Monitor 60 Professional Monitor Studio Headphones.

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If you’re looking for a pair of studio monitor headphones whilst on a budget, then these Monitor 60 headphones from OneOdio might be for you.

In the box, you get the headphones themselves, which come inside a soft carry pouch. There is a 1.2m long cable with an inline microphone, a longer 3m cable, and there is a coiled 6.5m long cable with a 3.5mm jack on one end and a larger 6.5mm jack on the other. There is also a plastic coaster, and a three-part desktop headphone stand to mount the headphones on to. 

Features & Size

The Monitor series of headphones have been in development for a number of years. They feature 50mm drivers, 38 Ohm impedance, and very thick noise-isolating ear pads, to bring a high level of sound and comfort.

It’s hard to ignore how large these headphones are. Their size and design may suit the studio, but they are certainly not made for wearing on the street, yet if you’re brave enough, or not to image conscious, that’s still possible.

Ear Cups

The ear cups are able to rotate freely 180 degrees, which makes them great for one-ear monitoring audio, and along with the rotating and folding headband connections, the whole headset can be folded relatively small for easy storage and travel.

Their oversized bulk is mostly due to the wide oval-shaped ear cups that help cushion and mould the ear cups around your ears. OneOdio has used a very soft and sound-absorbing foam that helps to passively dampen any outside noise around you, and this also helps enhance the sound of these headphones, which for their price, I found to be pretty impressive.

Audio Quality

Usually, I am not a fan of reference monitor headphones. I tried a pair of AKG K92 monitor headphones a few years ago and I just couldn’t get along with them. The OneOdio Monitor 60 headphones also took a little time to adjust to their sound, but once settled in, I found their sound was really impressive for its price. The bass sounded deep yet detailed, and the overall sound leans more towards the mid to high range of audio. As a result, the sound quality from these headphones was well rounded, with a great level of detail in the audio output, which is what you want from a pair of headphones to mix, record, produce and edit audio with.

My Impressions

I really enjoyed the audio that the Monitor 60s produced, and the level of comfort from the very thick padded ear cups made it easy to wear them for long periods without any major discomfort.

The headband has some foam padding to it, but I’m not sure how comfortable they will be for much longer periods. If I wear my headphones for a number of hours, I would rather wear a bungee headband type of headphones.

Thanks to the headphones’ plastic materials and steel band construction, their weight isn’t as heavy as they look. But because of this they also do not feel as premium. The widely rotating ear cups can easily become a chore to work with – I just wish they didn’t fully rotate this way, because you can easily pick them up with the ear cups facing the wrong way around. This is less of an issue if you use its bundled headphone stand, but overall, I wasn’t a fan of this, and I wished the earcups rotated much less to avoid this confusion every time I picked them up. 

Their sound IS great though, and I wish OneOdio packed all this audio goodness into a much smaller form factor, but then the audio may take a hit from it. Hopefully, I’ll get to test out their more compact headphones soon to see if their level of audio engineering carries through into their other series of headphones.

If you’re on a budget for a great pair of monitor headphones or just headphones in general, and you don’t mind the lower build quality and sheer size of them, then I’d check these headphones out from OneOdio.


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00:17 – Unboxing
00:43 – Features
00:56 – Size. & Comfort
01:08 – Ear Cups
01:53 – Sound Quality
02:23 – Microphone Quality
02:46 – My Impressions

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