Official Apple iPhone 13 Pro Leather MagSafe Case Review

Enjoy my Official iPhone 13 Pro Apple Leather MagSafe Case Review. You can buy this case from Amazon here →

In the UK you can get it cheaper from two online stores in the UK for £10-off their full asking price – either at O2 Store or John Lewis.

In this video, I take a quick look at my iPhone 13 Pro case journey, where I previously looked at the Rhinoshield cases, then Elago, and finally a cheaper slim MagSafe case from ProBien. Neither of these ticked all the boxes for me, so I took the plunge and purchased myself an official Apple MagSafe Leather Case for my iPhone 13 Pro.

The leather case fits and looks just great. The Midnight colour is pretty much black, until you get to see it in the right light you only then get to see its very dark blue hue.

It has a punched Apple logo on the back, so you have brand rights carried through to the case instead of covering it up. The lip at the front does a decent job of protecting the front of the case when it is placed face down, however I still recommend putting a protective 9H-glass protector on the front.

On the back there is a small lip for the camera bump, which is so small it barely reaches further than the large camera lenses of the iPhone 13 Pro. With that said though, they are protected but only just.

The side buttons and holes on the case are big enough to stick your finger through and also press on. The Lightning port hole is big enough to fit Apple’s own cable intro, however large third part cables might struggle.

The leather is nice to the touch, it wears very well in my experience, so it should protect your iPhone for at least until you need to upgrade and buy a new case to fit its replacement. MagSafe rings do form on the back of this case, like many cases do. It is just a thing you have to get over, and with a rub on the back you can remove it until the next time you place your iPhone on to a MagSafe charger.

This case certainly ticks all the boxes for me. It is high quality that definitely justifies its high price tag. Its a nicer leather than the leather case I reviewed from ESR. It’s softer and feels nicer. Also what I like about this case is that it does it all without the unnecessary bulk. It feels nice and thin enough without being overlay thin that it doesn’t protect your iPhone from a heavy drop, whilst its thickness is thick enough to do all this without all the added bulk.

The all important MagSafe passes through perfectly on this case. It holds perfectly well, meaning it will hold just as well onto any accessories such as docks and car mounts without involuntary dropping off after a small bump or knock to the phone.

Overall, this is a perfect case (excuse the pun) of ‘you get what you pay for’. The Apple case delivers in all areas and it should last for a long time doing it too.


0:00 – Intro
0:15 – Brief overview
0:47 – Past cases I have tried
3:08 – Unboxing
4:54 – Installation
6:28 – MagSafe
6:57 – Where to buy

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