MMB 11 Plus Wireless Apple CarPlay And Android OS + HDMI Multimedia Box Review

Enjoy my MMB 11 Plus Wireless Apple CarPlay And Android OS + HDMI Multimedia Box Review.

You can buy the MMB 11 Plus for $238 from the MMB store on Amazon US 👉🏻, £187.99 from Amazon UK 👉🏻, €207.99 from Amazon DE 👉🏻

In this video, I take a look at the MMB 11 Plus. A new multimedia dongle that features wireless Apple CarPlay, Wireless Android Auto and it has an Android OS support that accepts Android App downloads from the Google Play store, or side-loaded using the side-load APK app. This means you can view apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and many more on your CarPlay display.

In addition to all this, MMB has added something a little unique on their dongle – HDMI. This allows you to take this dongle outside the car and plug it into TV displays, computer monitors, projectors – anything with an HDMI connection.

You can connect the dongle with the USB cable to your CarPlay USB port and have this content on your factory or aftermarket CarPlay display, and if you have an HDMI rear screen support you can mirror the display to these displays for all-around car viewing.

You could take this to a hotel room or on holiday and have android apps like Netflix running on your hotel room display. You’ll need a long USB lead to power the dongle along with a wall adapter, and an HDMI lead to get you up and running.

An optional remote will be required if you are not using the multimedia box on a touch screen. This remote allows easy text input and navigation. Ideal for vehicles without a touch screen or control dial on their CarPlay system.

My Impressions

Overall I found this dongle to be fairly decent. There are bugs and issues I found along the way, that I am sure the team at MMB will fix with their regular updates for the dongle. But most of all was its performance. Even in CarPlay, I found it a little laggy and sluggish. The Quad-core CPU should have enough grunt, so hopefully, this can improve with updates.

Updating is very simple. It needs a PC though, as mac files do not get verified successfully. But with the updates taken from , you just follow the guides and you’ll be updated in no time.


0:00 – Overview & Features
1:17 – Unboxing
2:53 – Bootup
3:52 – Menu UI
5:19 – Media Playback
6:23 – Bluetooth Music & Phone
7:04 – Mirror cast / AirPlay
7:54 – Casting function (YouTube)
9:06 – Settings
12:05 – Other apps
12:31 – Netflix
14:22 – Gaming
15:12 – Google Maps
16:40 – YouTube
17:18 – Remote Control
18:31 – Device Specs & Info
20:19 – Wireless CarPlay
21:35 – Call Quality & Performance
22:36 – My Impressions

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