MagSafe Compatible Car Charger for iPhone 12 – Bonola Wireless Fast Car Charger Review

Enjoy my review of the Bonola Fast Wireless Car Vent Mount Charger for iPhone 12. You can buy it from AliExpress for £14.90 or $19.18 with free shipping. Shipping took me 6 days for it to arrive in the UK from China.

It isn’t an official MagSafe product, but it contains a ring of magnets and Qi charging up to 15W that really works with the iPhone 12 MagSafe array on the back of the case. Its magnets really hold on to your naked iPhone or iPhone with a MagSafe case. Its magnetic strength isn’t as great if your iPhone is in a non-MagSafe case. The thinner it is, the better the magnets will perform, but for me, I didn’t feel 100% confident when using my Spigen Liquid Crystal case.

Whether using your iPhone 12 naked or with a MagSafe case, this vent mount is really great a find! It comes with my favourite hook mounting solution too, where many other MagSafe mounts simply do not, including the very expensive Belkin MagSafe mount – which doesn’t charge your iPhone 12 – whereas Bonola Car Charger will mount and also charge your iPhone 12 at up to 10W.

As you will see in this video, I tried getting as much wattage out of this charger, but although its specs state a maximum of up to 15W, I could only get 10W from its bundled USB-A to USB-C cable, whilst using an Anker USB-C to USB-C cable from the 30W charging port in the Anker PowerDirect Speed+2 I received a power that was floating around 5W – very odd!

I also plugged it into our VW media USB port and we could only get 5W out of this charger, which is enough if you have plugged in your wireless charger into this port, via a Wireless CarPlay Dongle perhaps, but it will not get the most power out of this car charger and into your mounted iPhone 12.

For a discrete and stable mounting solution for your iPhone 12, this is really the best mount I have seen so far, and I am saying this after buying this product for myself to try out and share my views with you.

You can buy the Bonola Fast Wireless Car Vent Mount Charger for iPhone 12 on AliExpress for £14.90 or $19.18 with free shipping.

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