Kyvol Cybovac E31 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop – Install and Review Video

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Enjoy our review for the Kyvol Cybovac E31 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop. You can buy the Kyvol E31 from Amazon US and Amazon UK.

This is a medium range 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mop that has a few features that can be found in more premium robot vacuums selling today.

Setting up the E31 is very simple. You first find a suitable location for the charging base that’s near a power socket, then connect it to the wall power adapter and plug it in. You then place the robot onto the charging base to charge it fully before its first clean.

Whilst it’s charging you can connect it to your home WiFi and download the Kyvol app to connect to it. From the app you can operate all of the vacuum’s smart functions, from choosing a mode and starting a clean, selecting various suction modes, and setting up a schedule. You can also view the progress of the clean in the app, and you can also monitor the status of its brushes and filter, and when they might be due to be cleaned or replaced.

You can manually direct the vacuum from the smartphone app or its small Infrared remote control without the need to connect it to your home WiFi. From the remote you can also select and start cleaning modes, change suction strength. All of the other functions can be set on the remote, but using the app is a better experience that also gives you feedback on the performance of the vacuum.

The E31 uses a gyropic-navigation of navigation. This method is a little dumb when you compare it to the more expensive and sophisticated robot vacuums that are out there today that use LIDAR to navigate and avoid objects.

The E31 carries three cleaning modes. Standard cleaning cleans the entire floor space of your home. Edge mode will clean only around the edges of your home. Spot mode will clean a square area of your home where you place the vacuum.

You can select from its three levels of suction on the remote or app. It features a maximum suction of 2200PA, which is powerful enough to suck up general dust, food crumbs and pet hair. The E31 can be used on both carpet and solid flooring, and it can tackle raised rugs and doormats, thanks to its light weight size and powerful wheels.

The app offers real-time view of where it has cleaned in your house. But without LIDAR to more accurately map your room, it is a lightweight example of where it has been. It does show patches of your home where it may have not vacuumed, so that is one advantage over some of the cheaper vacuums out there.

The battery on this vacuum seemed a little small. An hour of cleaning over 69 square meters resulted in a battery level of 29% remaining. This is ok for a small home of up to 80 square meters, but any larger and the vacuum would likely require multiple charges.

The KYVOL E31 retails for $299 or £279 from Amazon. It packs a wealth of features and dual functionality, but if you are paying this much on a robot vacuum, there are more equipped robot vacuums out there, with features such as LiDAR, if you are after just the cleaning functionality. Personally I would choose a vacuum that comes without the mediocre mopping functionality, save yourself around $50 and go for the E30 model. Or pay the same price, or a little more, and buy a vacuum that’s equipped with LiDAR.

You can buy the Kyvol E31 from Amazon US and Amazon UK.

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Kyvol Cybovac E31


Overall Score



  • Fairly quiet operation
  • App and assistant support
  • Real-time mapping


  • Gyro navigation not as good as LiDAR
  • Empty waste bin can get messy
  • Lacklustre Mopping function

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