Koopao Shock Absorbing 15W Wireless MagSafe Car Vent Charger Install & Review

In this video, I look at the Koopao Shock Absorbing 15W Wireless MagSafe Car Vent Charger.

You can buy this car charger for $21.99 from Amazon US ➡️ https://amzn.to/3SaUA3y or £22.99 from Amazon UK ➡️ https://amzn.to/3xXQWmj

It is getting more and more difficult for makers to do something different with wireless car chargers to make them stand out from the competition, however, when Koopao asked me to review this wireless car charger, it had a special shock-absorbing feature that I just had to check out.

In the box you get a paper instruction manual, there is the main magnetic mount, an air vent ball joint clip, and a USB-A to USB-C charging cable of around 1m in length, and you also get an adhesive metal ring to use this charger with non-magnetic phones.


Looking over the mount. It is made from a mix of polycarbonate, ABS and silicone materials. The mount measures 88mm high, by 61.5mm wide, and 35.5mm deep. So it has a small-sized form factor with a chrome Koopao branding on the lower lip at the front. 

On the bottom of the mount, there is the USB-C input port to power the car charger, and on either side of it, there are two LED lights that light up to indicate that the charger is operational and they glow whilst the attached device is charging.

The rear of the mount houses a 17mm ball socket that the supplied air vent clip attaches to, and the screw around the ball joint can be tightened around the socket to firmly fix the angle of the mount. The air vent clip features one of my favourite attachment types, which is an adjustable arm that you pass through the air blades and screw the arm back onto the rear of the air vent blades. This tension keeps the mount in place much better than most other air vent clip types, and it is also good to see this particular clip feature an adjustable arm that’s made from a more studier, and hopefully more reliable, metal material.

Whilst we’re still looking at the clip, it’s also worth pointing out that there are two indendations on the clip that can be used to attach any of the charging cables through for neater cable management around the car charger and also around your car’s interior.


So the main new feature that separates this mount from many others of its kind, is that the front half is separately suspended from the rear side of the charger. This means that if there are any sudden jolts in the car, this car charger will dampen this vibration thanks to its suspended front part that your phone is attached to. It’s a clever idea that I am surprised I haven’t seen before in a car mount, so you can understand my desire to test it.


So I jumped into my VW Golf GTI Mk7 to mount this car charger. The installation was very quick and easy, thanks to its great mounting system. You first loosen the adjustable arm, then pass the arm through your air vent blades and when pulling it backwards you hook the end of the arm over one blade as you keep tightening the mount onto the front of the air vent. The adjusted arm tightens and pulls the clip towards it and it makes the mount fix onto the air vent very firmly.

After adjusting the screwball joint at the back to tighten the mount’s angle, the installation is complete. You then just need to connect up the power cable to a USB-A charging socket or adapter in your car interior and the mount is ready to place your magnetic charging phone onto.


Placing my iPhone 13 Pro with MagSafe onto this charger felt solid and it fixed onto the mount very securely, thanks to its array of strong magnets inside the front mounting plate. Being magnetic, you can seamlessly position your phone between both vertical and horizontal orientations on this mount without removing the phone from the mount.

With my iPhone mounted I took a drive to test out its shock-absorbing feature over the many potholes that litter our UK roads, to speed bumps in car parks. In my tests, the magnetic array and suspension mechanism inside the mount did a great job at keeping my phone attached to it and neither did it leave the mount or plummet into my car’s footwell. The mount felt solid enough in its shock absorption that I am sure it would cope with much rougher terrain than the car park speed bumps and potholes during my tests, and I’ll continue to use this mount and report back if the mount has ever failed on me.

My Impressions

This shock-absorbing wireless car charger from Koopao currently retails for $21.99 from Amazon US and £22.99 from Amazon UK. And you can check out my links above to learn more about this charger and to buy one.

So far I am impressed with this car charger. The mount promises fast wireless charging from 5W up to 15W. So I plugged it into my 36W Anker PowerDrive II Duo, and I ran the Amperes iOS app to see how much output I get from below a 60% battery. After a few results, I got just over 14W wirelessly to my iPhone 13 Pro, which is very good going I thought.

For its price and its features, this charger is a solid mounting and charging car charger for the car and the shock absorption works better than just being a gimmick. It holds on to my phone magnetically so well that you can pull adjust the angle of the mount by pulling the phone off it, and the shock-absorbing feature is just an additional layer of support for your phone when your car hits any bumps or holes in the road. If you own a 4×4 and take it off-road, or you operate off-road or farming machinery and want to mount your phone onto the interior, this suspended mount will help absorb shocks from a lot of high-impact bumps.

So I would say if you’re looking for a car mount that works well with MagSafe and you want a secure air vent mounting clip that can take a lot of knocks and bumps in the road, I would put this car mount from Koopao on your shortlist.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:27 – Unboxing
0:43 – Features
2:08 – Shock absorbing feature
2:36 – Installation
3:42 – Performance
4:18 – My Impressions
4:33 – Charging

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