JoyTutus 15W Apple MagSafe Friendly Car Charger Vent Mount Review


Enjoy our JoyTutus 15W Apple MagSafe Friendly Car Charger Review. You can buy this Fast Charger for $50.99 ($43.25 with coupon) from JoyTutus directly here → Use Coupon code ‘CARPLAYLIFE‘ at checkout for 15% OFF your order.

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This is a MagSafe friendly fast charger for your car that’s been optimised for the iPhone 12. It has two mounting solutions and 15W Fast Qi charging, it supports both MagSafe and non-magnetic backed smartphones, and the mount itself can rotate for easy adjustment whilst your phone is attached to it.

This fast charger can be mounted either by keeping the mount inside its screwable metal case or you can unscrew the mount from the casing and use the rubber push-on clamp to attach it onto your car air vent.

Its magnetic array is quite strong when used with an iPhone 12 without a case, and it also holds onto my iPhone 12 Pro surprisingly well with my super thin case from Totallee.

Once powered you’ll notice a small blue circle at the center of the mount illuminates to tell you that the mount is receiving power. You then simply place your iPhone 12 with MagSafe directly onto mount and your iPhone will begin charging.

If you have an older iPhone or Android you can still use this mount by installing a metal ring onto the back of your phone or inside its case and your phone will attach onto the mount.

This fast charger supports charging speeds from 5W through to 15W. With my iPhone at around 29% battery tried a 18W powerbank and I wasn’t able to get anything over 6W from this charger, whereas with Apple’s MagSafe I got up to 11W.

In the car I then tried the Anker PowerDrive Speed+2 12v socket charger. In my test I reached a max of 9W from the USB-C port, and 10W from Apple’s MagSafe charger.

I then tried the Anker PowerDrive III Duo. The Fast Charger reported again up to 9W and 10W from the Apple MagSafe charger. So just like many other 15W MagSafe supported chargers, I just couldn’t get the full 15W claimed out of these quite capable 12V chargers.

I like that they bundle a USB-C to USB-A adapter in the box. I also like its discrete size and minimalistic aesthetic once it’s fitted onto the dashboard. Its silver metal casing has a premium feel to the mount, yet I would have preferred to have seen the power cable colour come in black, than white. The option of including the metal ring for older devices is a nice addition.

I am not a fan of the rubber clamp system. It is sturdy at first, but it does allow some side movement on the mount that, over time, could lead to it falling off. The benefit of this mount type though is that it’s able to sit more flush to your air vent and it won’t stick out as much as other mounting solutions do.

Then there is the price of it. At $50.99 it’s quite a premium price to pay for what is a charger that I could only get a maximum of 9W out of. So at this price it is hard to fully recommend it, where there are some cheaper and better performing alternatives out there.


0:00 – Intro
0:21 – Brief overview
0:51 – Unboxing
1:33 – Mounting options
1:51 – Magnetic Strength
2:12 – Powering the mount
3:18 – Non-magnetic phones
3:36 – Charging speed test
4:51 – My Impressions

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JoyTutus 15W Apple Magnetic Car Charger




  • Strong MagSafe magnetic attachment
  • Two mounting options
  • Discrete and low profile


  • Couldn't get 15W
  • Magnetic, not MagSafe
  • Pricey for just 9W charger

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