IMOU Cell 2 4MP Wire-Free Smart Security Camera Review

Enjoy my IMOU Cell 2 4MP Wire-Free Smart Security Camera Review.

You can buy this security camera for $118.99 from Amazon US → or for £94 from Amazon UK →

The IMOU Cell 2 is a battery-powered smart WiFi security camera that allows you free rein on where you can place and position it, hassle-free and wire-free, both indoors or outdoors. It comes with a 6,000 mAh rechargeable battery pack, and if you’re no good with charging, you can opt for a solar panel to let the sunshine do all the power in keeping its battery topped up.


Installation is super easy to do. You insert the battery, connect the IMOU Cell 2 to your Wi-Fi network, download and sign up to its app and add the device to your account. Once that is done, you can pick a spot to place the camera and you’ll have videos recorded onto its internal 32GB SD card or you can double this up with a free 14-day online subscription to its cloud storage service for duel backup of your recordings.

At this point, you’re done. But you have more options to fine-tune the camera and how it behaves with motion detection. From adjusting its sensitivity to setting up private schedules or Geo-ring fencing, there are plenty of options in the app to tailor your experience and sensitivity of how the camera behaves in your home or outdoor environment.

My Impressions

After using the camera for almost two weeks, I found the IMOU Cell 2 to be great for both indoor and outdoor use. The quality of the 4MP camera is very good, however, its night capture use could be a little improved over its rivals.

Pairing it alongside the Amazon-owned Ring Stickup Camera, I found its day recording to be much better, with less distortion, sharper details, and a more natural colour tone to the overall image being captured. Its built-in spotlight felt a little gimmicky and didn’t really illuminate the surroundings that much to make me choose its colour night modes. In the end, I stuck with the tried and testing IR mode with its black and white recording. This was decent, but until you compare it against my older Ring camera, the Cell 2’s reduced IR emitters did hinder its night performance a little bit.

But overall, you have to factor in its price and functions. It cost more than my generation of Ring camera, but it does things a little better. It captures at 2.5K over 1080P on the Ring camera and best of all is it can record to a local storage card, freeing you from being tied to any monthly or annual cloud storage service costs. With the Ring’s newer model costing almost twice as much as the IMOU Cell 2 for similar features, the IMOU Cell 2 offers everything its bigger rival offers at a more wallet-friendly price.


0:00 – Brief overview
1:05 – Unboxing
1:47 – Camera
2:59 – Installation & Setup
4:10 – App
7:47 – My Impressions

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