How to Update Snapdragon 665 Android 10 AI Box (GT0464 EA)

Enjoy my How to Update Snapdragon 665 Android 10 AI Box GT0464 EA adapter.

You can buy this fast performing AI Box for €229.99 from Amazon DE → If you are located in the US and want a similar dongle from another brand, check it here → M.I.C. also ship overseas, but there may be import tax to pay. For AliExpress fans, the cheapest I have found it is here

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Update file for M.I.C. Android 10 AI Box GT0464EA Adapter

Netflix Build 8.20.0 Build 12 APK download


  1. Download the file via the link above onto a Mac or PC.
  2. Locate and format a micro SD card of at least 2GB to FAT 32.
  3. Unzip the downloaded linked file above and it should show two files. and files.
  4. Insert the SD card into your Mac or PC, using an SD caddy if needed.
  5. Copy over the file onto your micro SD card.
  6. Safely remove the SD card from your computer and head to where the dongle is located.
  7. Boot up the AI Box and insert the SD card into the SD card slot.
  8. In around 11 seconds you should see the update prompt. If you do not see this appear go to Settings / System / System updates and you should now see the prompt to update.
  9. Now you can choose to wipe all data and format flash (recommended) or leave the box unselected and keep all your downloaded apps and configurations intact after the update.
  10. Select Install and wait around 4-5 mins for the update to be applied. You will first see a slow blue light, then it will flash fast until the update has applied and the dongle will reboot.
  11. That’s it. Head to Settings / About machine / Build Number to check the update has applied, or simply tap and hold the home button to trigger split-screen mode – the main feature for this update.

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