How to Update ApplePie Mini and Fix Audio Quality Issue During Navigation

Enjoy my how-to guide on how to update the ApplePie Mini Android OS and Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto Dongle. You can buy this dongle for $245. More info and to buy one here →

Update files: ( If the file isn’t available at the time, please try again at another time.)

In this video, I walk you through how to update the ApplePie Mini dongle to the latest firmware update supplied on the Exploter website. It is a very simple process that involves downloading the 2GB update from their website. Finding a TF card. Format it. Copy over the downloaded zip file to the TF card in the root directory. Then in the car, first plug the dongle in and boot it up so it rests on the home interface screen. Then insert the TF card into the slot on the dongle and wait for the update prompt. If all goes well, you should see the prompt, now follow all the steps to finalise the update. This can take around 6-10 minutes, so make sure you keep the dongle and USB port powered with the ignition turned on.

Once the update has finished it will reboot and you can check the settings version section of the dongle to make sure the update has been applied. You can also tell if the dongle has been updated with the new ‘android’ launch screen and menu label updates.

To fix the audio quality issue. You DO NOT have to update to the latest firmware. You just need to tap on the Google Map profile icon, scroll down to Settings – Navigation settings – OK Google detection – While driving option, and turn it off. Now go back to navigation whilst music is playing and you should not get the quality issue anymore when navigation occurs over music playback.

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0:00 – Intro
0:22 – How to update ApplePie Mini
0:38 – Audio quality issue demo (pre-update)
0:50 – Downloading update files (studio)
3:12 – Update process (in car)
6:13 – How to fix audio quality issue during navigation

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