How to fix your Wireless Apple CarPlay dongle

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Having read many questions about the Apple CarPlay dongles we reviewed recently, I thought it would be good to cover the many ways that you can troubleshoot the issue and possibly solve the ability to make them run in your vehicle. Check our timestamps below.

This isn’t a fully extensive solution video. I just cover the basic issue that you might come across and ways to go about finding what’s wrong and how to possibly fix it.

I mention in the video that the status light will be red when it doesn’t work with your vehicle. The red light is also telling you it hasn’t connected to your iPhone. So the dongle may work whilst in a red state, for some dongles, it’s not until your iPhone connects and syncs to it will it turn green. The CPlay2air dongle, for example, can show a red LED and function normally, instead of showing a blue LED light.

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Intro: 0:00
Do you have Apple CarPlay in your vehicle?: 0:38
Try a different USB port: 1:09
How to check if your dongle is faulty: 1:52
Try the dongle in another vehicle: 2:20
Visit an auto store or car dealer: 2:44
Visit a local stereo installer: 2:57
Can’t see CarPlay on your screen?: 3:46
Try rebooting your iPhone: 4:12
Try someone else’s iPhone: 4:19
Is your vehicle listed in the compatibility list?: 4:48
Try a different USB-C cable (CarLinkit only): 5:32
Remove any old/conflicting Bluetooth profiles: 6:06
Remove any existing Wi-Fi profiles (Wi-Fi cars only): 6:50

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