Highly Adjustable MagSafe Charger Stand For iPhone 12 From Quntis Review

Enjoy our Quntis Apple MagSafe Charger Stand for the iPhone 12. You can buy this metal adjustable stand for $15.99 from Amazon US or for £12.99 from Amazon UK.

Since the release of Apple’s MagSafe standard for iPhone, there has been a growing number of MagSafe charger accessories released for the iPhone 12. I have already looked at a number of MagSafe Charger mounts on this channel, and in this video we have a new one to look at from Quntis.

This is a MagSafe Charger stand that’s been specifically designed for Apple’s MagSafe Charger for the iPhone 12 series. It doesn’t come with the MagSafe Charger itself, so you have to factor this additional cost in, on top of this stand.

The unique feature over many other MagSafe charger stands that I have reviewed is that it is foldable. This not only makes it portable, should you wish to travel with the stand, between home and the office, but it also makes it highly adjustable too.

This stand can be positioned in many angles to suit your tastes. Both of the two hinge points can rotate up to 270-degrees to provide you with a comfortable viewing angle. You can position it for portrait or landscape viewing, as well as having it sit flat as well as full vertical whilst connected to the MagSafe charger.

The whole aluminum metal stand and MagSafe charger weigh 211grams, which is a decent enough weight to reduce any movement when attaching and removing your iPhone 12 from the stand. Like with most other mounts, you still need to remove your iPhone by twisting it to remove it from the magnetic grip of the MagSafe charger. Otherwise the stand will move forward with the phone as you remove it. The MagSafe charger surround is made of TPU plastic of the same colour, so this helps to protect our iPhone from scratches whilst also acting as a material that helps hug and secure your MagSafe charger in place.

Underneath the stand there are four non-slip pads to help prevent the stand from slipping back when you place your iPhone onto it. It’s not as good as the nano grip material we have seen in other stands, but with the right angle you can position the stand in a way that helps reduce any backward movement when you attach your iPhone onto the stand.

I would have liked to have seen the mount attached the other way up, so you can hide the cable better. It could have also been a little heavier in the base or it could have adopted the nano-grip material for its feet to really help secure the stand in place.

It’s a nice looking and well built MagSafe stand for its price. The hinges are really smooth to adjust and they are really solidly built. Its adjustability and portability brings some added value over some of the other adjustable MagSafe charger mounts that are available today. So if you are looking for a highly adjustable MagSafe stand, this stand from Quntis is worth checking out.

You can buy this metal adjustable stand for $15.99 from Amazon US or for £12.99 from Amazon UK.


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