HHJ Car Dashboard and Air Vent Phone Mounts 2021/2022 Review

Enjoy my HHJ Car Dashboard and Air Vent Phone Mounts Review.

You can buy the Vent Mount for $15.99 from Amazon US → https://amzn.to/3ey0Dh3 and the Magnetic mount for $13.99 from Amazon US → https://amzn.to/3pwRf3o.

In this video, I look at two new car phone mounts from HHJ, which is the car accessory brand from the popular accessory parent brand – Aukey.

Air Vent Car Phone Mount

The Air Vent mount mirrors the same mount from Aukey that I reviewed before, however, there are a few new additions and changes to this mount. Mainly how it attaches to the air vent, they have updated it with a unique and rather good ratchet system.

This ratchet system simply goes over a selected air vent blade and by turning the dial nearer to the mount you wind a hook that closes up onto the back of the air vent blade, securing the mount in place. The whole mechanism is simple yet very effective in making a solid and reliable connection to your air vent blades.

Once attached the mount is fairly solid and stable. It isn’t 100% solid but it does a decent job at securing it onto your air vent blades. The ratchet hook will prevent it from falling back out, just as long as the screw mechanism remains tight. Being plastic, the jury is still out on this attachment’s longevity.

The cradle sidearms also ratchet in place to secure the phone very well. The side arms are angled to keep the phone in place and not fall forward and out of the cradle.

An updated feature is the rear button that can be depressed to release the ratcheted sidearms. Making for easy removal of the phone with one hand a breeze!

For $15.99, it is a decent vent mount where the price of along is worth the ratchet mechanism alone. But with so many MagSafe mounts out there for the iPhone 11 and above, I feel the universal nature of the old cradle design, feels a little too bulky and tired these days, especially for iPhone users.

Magnetic Car Phone Mount

The second mount in this review is the Magnetic Car Phone Holder. This mount features a very strong and sturdy hinged arm that’s attached to a 360-degree rotational sucker plunger with a nano-material adhesive backing. Paired with an additional adhesive base plate for uneven dashboards, this mount sits firmly on your dashboard, and the strong arm can take a lot of weight that will no doubt support the heaviest iPhone Max device and likely small tablets too.

The hinged mechanism makes for multipurpose use from this mount. If you use a dash-cam app on your smartphone, you could use this mounting arm to easily position it for the best view ahead of you, whilst also being able to lower it away to reduce any distractions from your view over the dashboard.

The rotational magnetic mount is unfortunately not compatible with Apple MagSafe devices. Mostly due to its smaller size. Using it naked with your MagSafe iPhone will soon see it plummet into the footwell of your car after even the smallest of road bumps.

Placing one of the magnetic plates onto the back or sandwiched between your phone and its case makes for a much stronger connection and one that I felt reliable and strong enough to keep my phone still attached after the worse potholes here in the UK.

Retailing for $13.99, I found this mount had more to offer than your basic cradle. Although minimal in its looks, the dashboard or windscreen mount still made it stand out and be a little distracting, but that’s me, I am not a big fan of having anything sitting on top of my dash.

For iPhone users without a case, I would look for a similar MagSafe, or wait for one, as I have no doubt we will see this adopted on these kinds of mounts very soon.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:22 – HHJ Car Vent Mount Unboxing
4:46 – HHJ Car Vent Mount Install
6:59 – HHJ Magnetic Dash Mount Unboxing
11:14 – HHJ Magnetic Dash Mount Install
18:54 – Wrap

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