Great Sounding Budget Wireless & Wired Studio Headphones | OneOdio A70 Fusion review

In this video, I check out the Fusion A70 BT Headphones from OneOdio.

You can buy these headphones for $49.99 from Amazon US ➡️ or for £39.99 from Amazon UK ➡️ and €39.99 from Amazon DE ➡️

If you’re looking for a great-sounding and versatile pair of Bluetooth headphones whilst on a budget, then these A70 studio headphones from OneOdio might be for you.

In the box, you get a paper user manual, and the Bluetooth headphones themselves, which come inside a soft carry pouch. There is a 1.2m long cable with an inline microphone, a 1.5-2.8m coiled 6.35mm to 3.5mm audio cable, and there is a USB-A to MicroUSB charging cable.

I previously looked at the Monitor 60 studio headphones from OneOdio on this channel and I was impressed with their audio quality, but I found them to be a little too big to wear. So I wanted to check out these A70 headphones because they looked more compact, and to also see if these wireless Bluetooth headphones sounded just as good as their 50mm driver, wired studio monitors.


The A70s are much more your regular size of over-ear headphones. Inside each ear cup, there is a 40mm audio driver, and although more limited in their rotation they are able to rotate vertically and horizontally to get the best comfort and fit around your ears – you can also wear them on a single ear, DJ style. The foam ear cushions are well padded with sound-deadening memory foam which helps create good sound isolation and they didn’t add any unnecessary pressure around my ears, so this made them easy to listen to for long periods of time. Each ear cup is attached to the padded and adjustable headband in a way that also allows you to fold them inwards, which makes them easier to stow in their soft carry bag and it maintains a compact form factor for travelling.

On the left ear cup, there is a 6.35mm audio jack connection, and there is a micro-USB port to charge the headphone’s internal 72-hour playtime, 650mAH Li-ion battery. Over on the right ear cup, there is a 3.5mm audio jack, a power and pairing status light, there are volume up and down buttons that can also be used to navigate music tracks over Bluetooth, and in the middle of them is a power button which can also be used to play and pause music tracks and to pair the headphones over Bluetooth as well as accept and reject incoming calls.

The A70 offers a built-in microphone that is also in the right ear cup, and you can use the microphone that’s built into the supplied inline cable too. The 6.35mm to 3.5mm coiled cable can reach up to 2.8m and this cable allows you to connect either end to the headphones, meaning there is no need to bring separate adapters with you, however, you will still need a 3.5mm adapter if you wish to use a cable with more modern mobile phones without a headphone jack.

Bluetooth 5.2 Headphones

Thankfully the A70 is Bluetooth 5.2-ready, so connecting to the headphones is an easy process of holding down the power button to pair the headphones and connecting to it from your Bluetooth device. A little series of beeps let you know the headphones are powered on and also when they are paired without the need to remove and look at the headphone’s status lights. Audio over Bluetooth sounds really good and has little lag, thanks to Bluetooth 5.2, and I found its signal transmission range to be really good, even slightly better than Apple’s own AirPods Pro.

It is possible to listen to two audio sources simultaneously on the A70s. Both cable inputs can be used to connect to different audio sources, and you can also pair the headphones to a second Bluetooth device and be able to switch between 2 audio devices wirelessly over Bluetooth, which is great for productivity, audio mixing or music creation.

My Impressions

These Fusion A70 Studio Headphones from OneOdio retail for $49.99 from Amazon US, £39.99 from Amazon U.K. and €39.99 from Amazon DE, and you can check my links in the video description below to learn more about them and to buy yourself a pair.

I was really surprised with the audio quality that the A70s was able to put out, their overall sound was warm and great to listen to, with clear levels of bass and treble. While the mids lacked a level of presence or punch, the sound as a whole was pleasing to my ears – they even gave my Bose QC35s a good fight, which is amazing when you consider the price difference between them. The level of comfort from the thick padded ear cups and headband made them easy to wear for a couple of hours without any major discomfort.

Its built-in microphone isn’t too bad either, but it does sound a little distant when compared to a more dedicated microphone. However, switching to the inline cable microphone, the recording sounded a lot better.

If you have a use for dual audio or sharing to another pair of headphones, then I can imagine this feature might be a good reason to consider the A70s, but for me, having the headphones tethered to two cables felt a little restricting, and to do this wirelessly over Bluetooth is also possible, this method only allowed playback of one device at a time and not simultaneously as you can do over a wired connection. I also found the audio quality degrades if you plug in any cable whilst the headphones are powered, so you have to make sure you switch the headphones off before connecting to one of the audio cables.

These are a great-sounding pair of Bluetooth headphones with lots of connecting options, but they are sadly let down by the relatively cheap plastic materials that are used in their construction. Although this does help reduce their overall weight considerably, making them weigh just 245grams. But when you pick them up or begin to adjust them on your head, you’re soon reminded how they don’t feel premium or feel like they would last if accidentally stepped on, crushed in a travel bag, or dropped far too many times, which is a shame. A little metal has been used in its hinges and headband, but the rest remains plastic, and whilst it can look deceiving in its silver aluminium colour, it really lets them down.

I would have liked to see these headphones use more solid materials, update the micro-USB charging port for USB-C, and improve the mid tones a little, and together this would have made these headphones feel more premium. 

Right now, they don’t feel as good as they sound, but when you factor in their budget price, if you can look past the cheap-looking materials and feel, the Fusion A70s are a great pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones sounds much better than its looks.


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