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Enjoy my ESR HaloLock Magnetic Wireless Charger Review.

You can buy this vent mount for $35 from Amazon US → or for £28 from Amazon UK → Mentioned USB-A charger Bundle $39 →


So I have already covered a number of air vent charging mounts on this channel and today I have a new one to look at from ESR. This is their HaloLock MagSafe Compatible Wireless Air Vent Charger. That mount simply attaches to your air vent in the car, and it not only magnetically connects to your iPhone through MagSafe, but it also wirelessly charges it too.

Installation is super simple. You first attached the mount onto the back of the wireless charger. Then in the car, you first have to locate a position on the air vent and pick an air vent blade to attach the spring crocodile clip onto. The clip isn’t screwed, clamped, or latched in place, which would make you feel this isn’t that supportive. But inside there is a heavy-duty metal plate that gives a decent amount of force to the clip in order to keep it in place. Beneath the clip, there is a small little movable support arm that you position on a solid surface beneath the air vent to add some additional stability to the wireless charger. It looks all quite low-fi, but it surprisingly works.

Once connecting the USB-C end of the cable into the charger and the USB-A end into an available USB port in your car, the charger is ready to be used. By simply placing your MagSafe compatible iPhone onto the charger, it will start charging.

Charging Speeds

This charger is advertised to support speeds up to 15 Watts, but unless you connect this to a car USB charger that’s at least 18 Watts, you will not get the best out of this wireless charger. Unless you have a fancy car, most in-dash USB ports will run at only 5 Watts. So you really need to pair this charger up with a fast QuickCharge USB charger of at least 18 Watts.

MagSafe Performance

The magnetic performance of this mount is pretty decent. They can it can take the weight of four iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is just under 1 kilo, and it should be plenty to connect and support larger phones like the iPhone Pro Max.

The added support from the support arm of the mount helps to stabilize the mount and it doesn’t move about as much as some others that I have reviewed, and therefore, there is less movement for the phone to dislodge itself from the magnetic ring that’s keeping it on the mount. I have had a few major holes in the road and my iPhone didn’t take a dive into the footwell, however, I was also using their ESR MagSafe case, so as long as you have a similar case, or are using the iPhone 13/12 naked, you shouldn’t be seeing your phone leave this mount with any major bumps in the road.

My Impressions

It’s one of the better magnetic charging mounts that I have reviewed, the fact that it simply holds onto your phone much better is very important with any wireless magnetic charger. I would have liked to see a much leaner casing, as I feel it can look a bit bulky sitting on the dash. I think it could definitely have its square edges shaved off and be a little bit nicer to look at. It feels like anything outside the magnetic ring is a little unnecessary, especially when you can have the same circuitry in something as thin as their wireless kickstand charger, or Apple’s own MagSafe charger.

Performance-wise, it did the job of charging my iPhone. Wireless charging speeds can vary on what charger you connect its cable to. For a little extra you can get a charger bundled with it. At least with that bundled you get a charger that’s been made to get the best out of this mount. 

I would have liked the charging cable to have USB-C at both ends, but I understand that the majority of cars will only have USB-A sockets and chargers.

So if you’re on the lookout for a wireless air vent charger with decent stability and good charging speeds, then you might want to put the ESR HaloLock MagSafe Compatible Wireless Air Vent Charger on your shortlist.


0:00 – Intro
0:16 – Brief overview
0:38 – Unboxing
0:51 – Installation
1:45 – Operation & Speeds
2:12 – MagSafe performance
3:01 – My Impressions

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